Tips for Tackling Asthma This Season From The AAFA

Managing allergies and asthma are topics very close to Sharp’s heart (or lungs if you will). It’s why we are so passionate about not only improving the air you and your family breathe but also making the most of every breath!

So we were thrilled to see New York Giants running back, Rashad Jennings, is pairing with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America to “motivate children who, like him, do their best to stay healthy in the face of this chronic illness.”

You can download and check out their awesome #TackleAsthma Playbook here! Inside you will find fantastic tips for knowing your asthma zones, taking care of your body, being aware of air quality in your area (we have a quick tool for you to do this on our page too!), and reminders to always be prepared with medicine and inhalers.

Here, you can also meet their impressive #TackleAsthma Team Captains and get more tips on getting active and staying healthy with asthma.

Here’s to breathing easier!

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