VeryWell Has Some Very Good Advice To Take On Fall Allergies

The fall season offers an exciting transformation to cozy weather and beautiful scenic foliage. But as nature transitions into autumn, so can your allergies and asthma.

Here, VeryWell provides helpful tips on how to combat upcoming seasonal allergies so you can enjoy fun festivities that the fall season offers!

Autumn’s cool weather and rising pollen counts may inspire you to spend more time indoors too, making preservation of your household air quality all the more important!

One of the most active air allergy and asthma triggers during autumn is mold spores, which can be eliminated with a humidifier and air purifier to ensure indoor air quality. A few other easy strategies to prevent against mold that we love from VeryWell:

  • Wash, disinfect, and then dry all surfaces
  • Don’t let water build up anywhere
  • Repair any leaks and dry moisture that results from leaks both inside and outside your home
  • Ventilate, preferably to the outside of your home with exhaust fans
  • Put plastic over any dirt crawl spaces and make sure the crawl spaces are well ventilated
  • Keep relative humidity less than 50%
  • Keep drip pans from appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners clean and dry

Take action and by not letting allergies and asthma get in the way of enjoying the fall season!

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