Early Morning Wellness

Mornings are notorious for being stressful. We have to deal with blasting alarm clocks, shared bathrooms and commuter traffic all while trying to make it out the door and into the office on time. With everything we have going on in the mornings it can be laughable to even think of the idea of getting a full workout in before heading out the door. But imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon this article from Well + Good boasting a seven-minute full workout routine that is designed to prime both the body and the brain for a successful and happy day.

This routine was created by Patricia Moreno, founder of mind-body workout IntenSati. Her workouts combine our favorite aspects of yoga, cardio and martial arts coupled with personal affirmations of self-love. Doing this seven-minute routine will not only get the heart pumping but will also prepare us to be more alert, active and mentally prepped for the busy day ahead.

To prepare for this early morning routine, we suggest rolling out yoga mats and laying out workout clothes and sneakers the night before. That way once the alarm starts ringing a little earlier than usual, we can actively visualize our workout motivation and be more likely to pop out of bed rather than hitting the snooze button. We also suggest prepping your Tea-Ceré with some freshly ground tencha leaves the night before. That way once the workout is done and the endorphins are flowing we get to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of mScreen Shot 2017-03-23 at 4.07.07 PMatcha, talk about a perfect morning!

We’ll be setting our alarms seven minutes early to rise and
grind with this workout from now on. Think you will be
joining us? Let us know in the comments below!

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