How Exercising at Work Can Beat the Winter Blues

It is well known how important exercise is to our daily lives. It promotes weight loss, improves our overall health, helps us sleep better and during the winter months can boost our mood. However, despite knowing these facts, exercise is often not a top priority in many of our daily lives. And really, how can it be? Between work, kids, classes, friends and events it can seem impossible to make exercise part of our daily routines. This inspired us to round up quick and creative ways to get a little workout in – even when we’re short on time and space.

Work is one of the number one excuses people use to explain why they can’t workout. And unless you’re one of the lucky few with a fancy gym in your office building, many people don’t believe they can get a full exercise routine in Monday – Friday without waking up super early or lugging a change of clothes for post work. But what about working out at work. It’s actually very easy and can be a fun way to bond with your coworkers. We’re not saying you have to go full cardio sweat band status here.

yoga-at-your-deskTry carving out some space on your calendar for office yoga. Three times a day, stand up from your desk and practice three sun salutations. These are great for getting your blood flowing, getting your heart rate moving, and will be a welcome break from staring at your computer screen all day. Bonus points if you can get the whole office involved!

Take the stairs! We know how tempting taking the elevator to and from your office can be but taking the stairs is a great way to get your 10,000 steps a day in. Not to mention the fact that stairs are an easy way to really get your heart rate up.

Invest in a standing desk. Just the simple act of standing while working can improve your overall health. Many offices come standard with standing desks now a days but if yours doesn’t, try bringing it up during your next staff meeting. You’d be surprised the change in overall mood and health a standing desk can bring.

If getting a standing desk is not feasible for your office, we would recommend the next best thing, an exercise ball. Sitting on one of these intermediately throughout the day can improve your overall posture as well as strengthen your core. Plus many models today come with a back support in place so you won’t feel uncomfortable just balancing on the ball.

We know it’s not easy to start a new routine and that people today are extremely busy. Incorporating these easy exercise tips into your daily life at the office will improve your overall health and wellbeing. Stress relief and a healthier work life can only lead to more productivity and happiness.



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One go-getter will win a Tea Ceré for their hard work during these winter months. We all know a delicious cup of matcha is a welcome reward for working out!

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