Wellness Wednesday: Meditation Madness

It’s our favorite day of the week – Wellness Wednesday! Today we’re talking all about the power of meditation. The middle of the week can often feel so hectic and we rarely give ourselves the proper time to take a step back and reflect on how it’s going. That’s why we love carving out some special time for some quick morning meditation that allows us to relax and finish out the rest of the week strong. Check out below for a peak into our meditation session!

1. Lavender-Scented Candles

Lavender is one of our favorite scents – not only does it smell amazing but contains some pretty powerful stress and anxiety relieving properties. As an added bonus burning candles casts a cozy light that feels perfect for meditation.

2. Knee Pillows

Comfort is key when it comes to meditation and these pillows provide maximum comfort for very little effort. Each pillow rests right below your knee when sitting cross-legged. The purpose is to raise your knees to take pressure of your hips and allow you to put all focus on relaxing.

3. Meditation Pillow

If you ask us, the more pillows the better. These fun mediation pillows are meant to be sat on during your session but when not being used for meditation they look great as an accent pillow!

4. Yoga Blanket

We recommend using a yoga blanket like this one pictured either as an added support to sit on or draped of your lap on chilly mornings. These blankets are also great to use during savasana during the end of your next yoga class.

5. Matcha Latte

There is no better way to reward yourself after a long meditation session than enjoying an iced matcha latte. The caffeine gives us the boost we need to start our days and leaves us feeling energized and motivated after our meditation session. We love to use our Tea-Ceré at home to brew up the perfect cup of matcha every time (made extra fresh with ground tencha leaves).

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