Never Be The One, Be The Won!

Your title does not make you the leader. Your ability to hire hero’s and to stand up for them, to stand up behind them and with them so they may congener team opportunity makes you the leader. If you want to be the leader then act like the leader in this way, in every way possible to ensure kinetic growth, accreditation and strength of your team, your brand and your company. The most important one word to describe a leader, amongst hundreds of descriptive words promulgated thru time is trust. The heart and soul of fastidious and dauntless trust is the heart and soul of your personal brand promise, your leadership promise to your team… your ability to be recognized and called the leader.

Trust is the unwavering belief in the reliability, truth, ability and capable strengths of a leader. Trust at its core is best defined as confidence placed in a person, confidence realized, reinvested and assiduously relied upon. Trust is not a solitary art form in business. Trust must be earned, must be the core construct and reputation-in-motion fabric of every team member acting on behalf of one another. Performing as one team trusted in action, thru merit and realized thru daily interaction. When trust is one among a team, the team has already won together.

“Leaders should never be the one… their august team should always be the won!”

By definition, by actionable reality, leaders cannot and should not ever stand alone. They should never separate themselves from their pack. A department, a work group indeed an entire enterprise doesn’t need just one influential and valued leader. Leaders must develop more leaders, new leaders, effective and impactful leaders throughout the organization. Refulgent leaders are never in competition with other leaders inside their company rather they are smartly focused externally towards making and taking market opportunity in congress with their team.

In addition, leaders are like lions who never lay down to competition, hunt in tough times, protect and prepare their pack to become their very best, to become the lion in charge in the days ahead. Leaders don’t say why me, they say try me, try my hungry, galvanized, lionized leadership ready team.

A leader must earn the right to be called leader. A leader must build and unite their team, mentor their individual future, stand behind them to lead with purpose, to inspire future great leaders to exercise their value and worth. Leaders care and share about every touch point of their business, care and share about every team members contributions, value, happiness and professional growth. Leaders instill business passion, docent creativity, exercise opportunity thru the art of the possible… as won hungry, anxious, energized and successful team.

Portentous leaders pine and work hard for and with their team to grow opportunity, to be number one… they never truckle to number one, rather they orchestrate, build, mature and groom a best of breed number won team. B #Won!

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