No Guts, No Heart… No Leadership!

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This week, we are excited to share a contributed article by Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Peter Weedfald, where he explains to Money Inc what values and characteristics contribute to the making of an excellent leader.

“A brave lion roars in the heart of every courageous leader.”- Peter Weedfald

For me personally, there is no greater leadership honor than to earn a man’s or woman’s trust. There is no greater honor than to stand before young, hungry and ambitious minds who dream of the art of the possible and young people who dream of becoming world-class business leaders.

I, like you, love to have ambitious, energetic minds question me and challenge my mettle, my experience and tenable viewpoints in building world class opportunities.

To share the glory of opportunity through the guts and heart of passionate and effective leadership. To deliver on the promise of making money, taking market share on the righteous path of promised company growth.

Leadership is all about well-spent, well-fueled time and correspondence in the arena of creative ideas and discipline.

Leadership is all about the ability to initiate, motivate and promulgate a team to best deliver on the assets of the business and the expected forecast with individual contributions that together fulfill the stated goals. And most importantly, leaders lead from behind by example, by supporting their teams in the language of trust, relevant tools and highly creative thinking. They know questions are the viable answers to opportunity, growth, career longevity, and competitive advantage.

In essence, great leaders we lionize have a rugged constitution with boundless sensitivity. They are clear, concise, bold, highly relevant, very inclusive and open.

Mostly, urbane leaders are trustworthy through their actions, disciplines and support. From studying highly successful industry leaders it is clear they share a commonality in construct for us to study, emulate and admire. They roar with heart and courage: they roar together with their team… they roar with positive results throughout the cold steel of the P&L with profitable dollars assiduously.

In order to become a world class leader you must first and foremost act like a leader. There is proven history of quicksilver business decisions which time can prove to be the foundation and underpinnings of fallen leadership, failed companies.

Quantum directional changes from the top are culpable if they are not founded in consensus and in sound business practice, sound company confidence. Further, misanthropic leadership will directly scorch your employee roster, destroy young and brave cubs; take the roar and bite out of your competitive advantage.

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