How Retailers Can Adapt To Rising Customer Expectations

This week, we share an article from Forbes featuring thoughts contributed by Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Peter Weedfald, on how one-to-one personalization could enhance a customer’s experience at a retail outlet and encourage them to make reoccurring visits .

Data-Driven Personalization 

The more brands open up communication channels with their customers, the more they can learn from these interactions and get the right data to further personalize experiences. Grégoire Brasset, vice president and general manager of Lacoste Canada, told me, “The future of retail is about creating a customized experience through product personalization and specific customer considerations.”

Global brands are sitting on large amounts of data but only a handful are actually leveraging it to its full potential. Peter Weedfald, senior vice president of sales and marketing at SHARP Home Appliances, believes this is a huge untapped opportunity and offered a unique perspective: “CRM stands for ‘consumers really matter.’

Unfortunately, most companies are spending millions on CRMand are still doing a lousy job at personalizing the customer experience with data.”

I think he’s right. One-to-one personalization is the real promise of data lakes if leveraged properly.

When a brand’s data is organized in a way that is easily accessible for both store associates and virtual agents (AI), the degree of personalization in the experience can augment exponentially — and so does customer satisfaction.

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