Dog Grooming Tips & Tricks

Though many dog parents have success with grooming their furry friends at home, most of us struggle to pull our pup into the bathtub and to brush that tangled fur. If your dog is half as stubborn as mine, grooming can be quite the chore. One could argue, however, that snuggling with your dog, especially with a soft and clean coat, is the best stress relief one could buy.

With the spring weather emerging, paw prints and hair clumps are inevitable. Luckily that wet dog smell is not. Help your furry friend look their best by using some of our pet grooming tips and tricks this season. After all, your pup deserves a new look this season, too.

Brushing Back those Locks

Regularly brushing your dog’s coat can help a great deal with the amount of dander accumulating in your house and eliminate tangles before they create a weave behind your dog’s neck. In addition, brushing their coats at least three times a week can be a great way to remove excess dirt. You will want to decide how often you should brush in a given month. Dogs with short coats require weekly brushing, however, dogs with longer coats may require daily attention.

Many dogs grow thick long coats of fur in the winter months, so when Spring rolls around, those coats can cause quite the mess around your home. For a faster and more efficient clean up, we recommend purchasing a large room  air purifier to capture pollen, dust, and pet dander around the house. The active filtration leaves the air smelling fresh and cleaner than before.

Sharp HEPA Air Purifiers contain PlasmaCluster ion technology, which actively removes any lingering pet scents and allows for a more pleasing experience all around your home. Living harmoniously with your pooch this season has never been easier.

A Flood of Fun

Make bath time a tail-wagging success by first brushing your dog’s coat to eliminate tangles. This will make your dog’s wash quicker, easier, and speed up drying time, too. Before putting your pooch in the tub, place either a non-slip bath tub mat or a towel on the bottom of the tub to prevent slipping.

Before placing Sofia, my much-adored Maltese, in the tub, I check to ensure that the tub is filled up with room temperature water. Because there is nothing worse than the sound of your pooch yelping from hot bath water.

A dog’s skin is different from a human, so we recommend purchasing dog shampoo to avoid irritation. Avoid spraying water directly in your puppy’s nose, eyes, or ears . Use a plastic cup to direct the bath water where you want it to go. Make sure to rinse all the shampoo off, spreading the water evenly from head to tail. When it’s finally time for a blow out, make sure to use a low heat setting on your blow dryer. Just be careful not to burn your pup.

If your dog loves the park as much as Sofia does, dirty paw prints can become a design accent on your kitchen tiles. For those days when bath time is not an option, I gently wipe down Sofia’s paws and ears with a disposable cleaning cloth. If you’d like your dog to have an extra clean smell, gently wipe their coat and paws with a natural baby wipe. Just remember that anything you put on your dog, your dog ingests.

Check Behind Those Ears

Assure that a family of fleas is not camping out in your dog’s fur and in your home by doing regular flea and tick checks after long walks. Your dog’s grooming routine should include thorough ear checks. This is essential for dogs that produce excessive ear wax or have a lot of inner ear hair.

Though you should regularly check your dog’s ears, you do not want to clean them too frequently, as this will cause irritation. The ASPCA reminds us to “take care to never insert anything into your dog’s ear canal—probing inside can cause trauma or infection!”

The Best Breath is Minty Fresh

There may be nothing as foul as smelling two-day-old puppy chow between friendly kisses. Bad breath is never attractive, especially if your dog is as affectionate as mine. The ASPCA notes that “bacteria and plaque-forming foods can cause build-up on a dog’s teeth. This can harden into tartar, potentially causing gingivitis, receding gums and tooth loss.”

Scrubbing your dog’s teeth regularly and investing in plenty of plaque preventing chew toys makes a huge difference. Many pooches show signs of gum disease by the time they’re four-years-old because they aren’t provided with proper mouth care. Be dedicated to keeping your pup’s mouth in tip-top shape.

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