#WorldAllergyWeek: A Simply Better Recap

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This week is #WorldAllergyWeek, and here at Simply Better Living, we help promote a comfortable and mindful lifestyle, consisting of the food we eat, the way we decorate our homes, and the air we breathe. For years, our blog has been posting top content relating to air purification and the benefits of Sharp Air Purifiers. Throughout this quick recap, we plan to review some of the top articles showcasing the significance of air quality and how it can have a positive benefit on your life.

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Air Purification Explained: How It Works

Utilizing an air purifier in your home or workspace is an efficient way to help clear the air of certain allergens, smoke, and dust. These high-tech appliances can improve overall wellness by providing relief to those suffering from seasonal allergies or those concerned about inhaling airborne viruses and bacteria. But before purchasing an air purifier, it’s important to understand how they work to ensure you are choosing a reliable and effective model.


Apartment Living

Can Air Purifiers Reduce Secondhand Smoke in Your Apartment Building?

Apartment living comes with its share of advantages and drawbacks. If you live in a building with cigarette smokers, you’re likely aware that the smoke doesn’t stay in their respective units. 

I am a non-smoker and can smell cigarette smoke from a mile away. A bit of an exaggeration perhaps, but I can smell it if I’m in a building with a shared ventilation system such as a hotel even if I’m on a “non-smoking floor.” And according to the American Lung Association (ALA), I’m not crazy. Read more and discover Can Air Purifiers Reduce Secondhand Smoke in Your Apartment Building?


Arranging Air Quality with Interior Design

The practice of Simply Better Living inside your home relies on a variety of factors, but none could be more important than the arrangement of your furniture and the air you breathe. While the two may not seem related to one another, they’re intertwined in a way that presents many opportunities for ingenuity at home!

As you know, highlighting the importance of cleaner indoor air quality is one of our top priorities, and we love a beautifully designed living space – with a little thought and rearranging, Sharp air purifiers can fit into just about any layout and design concept. Now that we’ve covered the basics, we can take a look at the best ways to arrange an air purifier in these rooms! Feel free to read more about Arranging Air Quality with Interior Design.


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True HEPA Air Purifiers & Filtration Explained

Search on Amazon for “home air purifier,” and you click through “over 3,000 results.” How does a consumer even begin to choose?

Most consumers have heard the acronym HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters in advertisements from manufactures of vacuum cleaners and air purifier products. But it’s easy to be confused and gloss over the fine print.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) technical standard specification for HEPA filters used by DOE contractors defines a HEPA as the filter shall exhibit a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at a test aerosol diameter of 0.3 micrometers (μm) in diameter from the air that passes through the filter.


Simply Better Breathing

Simply Better Breathing

Every day we try to incorporate little acts of wellness into our lives, whether that be by taking a yoga class, going for a long walk outside, or making a freshly brewed cup of matcha tea. We’ve found that Wednesdays are a great time to reset our weekly wellness goals and re-align our focus before the weekend. Check out some of our favorite wellness tips and trends we’ve compiled from around the web that is inspiring us to practice a little self-love this week, and really practice Simply Better Breathing.


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