Medium-Duty Commercial Microwave Oven with 1000 Watts (R21LTF) (Out of Stock)

Product Description

  • Computerized Touch Controls – Provides 20 Programmable Memories with One-Second Increment Timing; Built-In Safeguards Prevent Unauthorized Changes.
  • Double Quantity Pad – Automatically Provides Optimum Heating Times for Two Portions for Excellent Results.
  • Express Defrost™ – Automatically Divides Total Defrosting Time into 3 Stages with 3 Power Levels.
  • Memory Check – Lets the User Confirm the Time Setting and Power Level for Each Memory Pad.
  • 3-Stage Programming – Program Food to Defrost Then Begin Cooking at One Power Level and Finish Cooking at Another.
  • Counter Check – Lets the Oven “Remember” How Often Each Feature was Used Plus the Total Number of Manual Uses so Managers can Keep Closer Tabs on Operation.