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Everyday we try to incorporate little acts of wellness into our lives, whether that be by taking a yoga class, going for a long walk outside or making a fresh brewed cup of matcha with our Tea-Ceré. We’ve found that Wednesdays are a great time to reset our weekly wellness goals and re-align our focus before the weekend. Below we’ve compiled some of our favorite wellness tips and trends from around the web that are inspiring us to practice a little self love this week.

  1. See how turning your phone off at 9pm every night can majorly improve your sleep
  2. Taking a hot bath may just be as good for your health as hitting the gym (seriously)
  3. Not a fan of meditation? This post explains how mindfulness can be achieved with movement
  4. A Vegan and Gluten Free matcha raspberry cream cake that looks good enough to eat!
  5. This interesting trend pairing together alcohol and fitness classes

Are there any wellness trends inspiring you this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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