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Our Top 5 Steam Oven Recipes

Countertop Steam Oven with Crispy Chicken

Discovering recipes compatible with a steam oven can be a challenge. Despite the growing popularity of this cooking method, there are very few recipe blogs online that currently share steam recipe content regularly. As leaders in the steam cooking movement, our team at Sharp is here to help.

After testing out many a few delicious recipes in my Sharp Superheated Steam Countertop Oven and SuperSteam+ Convection Oven, courtesy of our talented Sharp Chefs, I have compiled a list of our top five favorite recipes that you MUST try.  I have made these dishes so many times; I think I’ve lost count at this point.  These dishes are so versatile and are perfect for many occasions, whether it is a family dinner at home, a graduation party, or a summer BBQ in the backyard. Let us see your creation by tagging SharpHomeUSA on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Recipe #1: Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe - Sharp USA Steam Oven Recipes

Before trying any other recipe, you MUST test your tastebuds with this buffalo chicken dip recipe. I am a buffalo sauce fanatic (nothing is ever too spicy for me), and this is the best buffalo chicken dip that I have ever had. After trying about 20 different recipes, I can confidently say that this one outshines all the others.

In part, it is because this recipe is the perfect combination of ingredients. However, it is also the way that my Sharp Superheated Steam Countertop Oven cooks the dip quickly without drying out the chicken by using superheated steam.

This dish is quick to prepare, and my steam oven does all the work while I get to enjoy the sun. It is a perfect appetizer for dinners with friends, or even a late afternoon snack (or an occasional midnight snack with a movie). I seem always to be the one hosting our family gatherings, so this recipe is my go-to.

You can pair this dip with vegetables like celery sticks, bread, or chips. My personal favorite is to cut bread into cubes or slices and dip it in. For your gluten-free guests, celery, carrots, and chips are the way to go.

Recipe #2: Sausage and Pepper Lettuce Wraps

Sausage & Pepper Lettuce Wraps: Meat & Steamed Veggies- Sharp USA Steam Oven RecipesSausage & Pepper Lettuce Wraps - Sharp USA Steam Oven RecipesSausage & Pepper Lettuce Wraps: Veggies- Sharp USA Steam Oven Recipes

If you’re like me, entertaining at the house serves as an excuse to overbuy meats and overload the BBQ on a hot summer afternoon.  That’s why I have always been a fan of cooking a tray of sausage and peppers when I have guests over; it is still a crowd-pleaser and can be prepared ahead of time (which is a must for me). Plus, if you ask my mother, a tray sausage and peppers are the most flavorful dish you could bring to the table.

Since many of my guests are more health-conscious individuals, I like to change up my traditional take on this classic Italian recipe. In order for me to make this dish relatively guilt-free, I substitute sweet pork sausage with chicken sausage and provide the option for guests to replace their usual semolina bread roll with a lettuce wrap. Pro tip: This whole 30 recipe keeps well and makes a great weekday lunch.

Recipe #3: Sweet Potato Mushroom Guacamole Burger Recipe

Sweet Potato Mushroom Guacamole Burger - Sharp USA Steam Oven RecipesSweet Potato Mushroom Guacamole Burger with Fries - Sharp USA Steam Oven RecipesSweet Potato Mushroom Guacamole Burger next to Steam Oven - Sharp USA Recipes

I am currently committed to eating mindfully and avoiding premade dinners (I know, I should have left this resolution in 2018),  so I am always a big fan of a simple recipe that can be made quickly after a long day at work.  And these sweet potato mushroom guacamole burgers are the “meaty,” hardy, filling veggie burgers I’ve been searching for! The best part? This dish is vegan too. This recipe is a twist on a classic veggie burger and does not require any outdoor grilling…East coast residents rejoice!

Believe it or not, with a steam oven you can grill without smoke, roast without drying and your food is crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside…You can cook anything from vegetables to proteins to baked goods. To learn more about steam oven cooking settings, visit our steam cooking guide to help you determine the best way to cook your food and alleviate any uncertainty you may feel about cooking with steam.

Recipe #4: Sweet Corn & Zucchini Recipe

Sweet Corn & Zucchini Recipe - Sharp USA Steam Oven RecipesServing of Sweet Corn & Zucchini Recipe - Sharp USA Steam Oven RecipesPreparing Sweet Corn & Zucchini Recipe - Sharp USA Steam Oven Recipes

Regardless of the time of year (but especially in the summer months) I desperately try to avoid using my wall oven. It generates so much excess heat throughout the house and can be very overwhelming, especially when I have company over.

When I am entertaining, I try to steer clear of cooking heavy dishes like lasagna, stuffed shells, or any pasta with a creamy sauce because it doesn’t go over well with guests and I have a sensitivity to dairy products.

That is why this vegetable torte recipe, courtesy of our Sharp Chef Michelle, blogger for Sunkissed Kitchen, is a must-try. It is chock full of fresh vegetables and has a sweet finish that will leave you wishing you made more than one. The best part? It is made hassle-free, takes only 30 minutes to cook, and keeps well– making it the perfect make-ahead dish.

This light vegetarian sweet corn and zucchini dish is a classy addition to Sunday brunch and the perfect weeknight dinner!

Recipe #5: Chicken Lollipops with Aioli Dipping Sauce

Chicken Lollipops - Sharp USA Steam Oven RecipesChicken Lollipops with Aioli Dipping Sauce - Sharp USA Steam Oven Recipes

If you have never seen Jacques Pépin debone a chicken, you should.  It’s incredible and absolutely relevant to this dish. Typically, I avoid making chicken wings or any finger food during game days because of the messiness associated with them.

But this recipe for chicken lollipops with aioli dipping sauce takes the stress of a mess out of every bite. Turning every piece into a “drumette” is not difficult or very time consuming, but it elevates the dish and the experience.  This is still finger-food, but a little more civilized.  The bones are “frenched” so they look neat and your fingers stay clean (for the most part.)  The wingette-portion, which is usually a struggle to eat gracefully, becomes a single-bite that slides off the bone as if it were on a cocktail pick. That is what makes this recipe irresistible.




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