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5 Microwave Oven Features to Look For

Not long ago, the thought of being able to cook full meals in a matter of minutes using a compact countertop appliance seemed like science fiction. Then, following the conclusion of World War 2, an inventor named Percy Spencer introduced this thought into reality.

Using radar technology discovered during the war, Percy Spencer was able to harness electromagnetic radiation to stimulate thermal energy in food. This is a complicated process called dielectric heating. Thanks to this colossal technological breakthrough, the world was given the gift of the household microwave. Now, microwaves are commonplace and the long list of advanced features they come equipped with grows larger by the day.

Here are your top five current microwave oven features that you should be on the lookout for prior to your next purchase.

Built-in Cook Settings

A countertop microwave, like the Sharp Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave Oven , that possesses built-in cook settings proves just how far humanity has come. Foods that could be tricky to cook like popcorn or potatoes are made simple with this standout feature.

The preset cooking menu on appliances that possess this technology will vary from brand to brand and model to model, but will always prove to be beneficial. This feature will save you both time and effort.

Convection Option

By far, the most underrated and underappreciated feature of some modern microwave ovens is the Convection Cook option. Those who have experienced the succulent results of cooking with a traditional convection oven do not need to be convinced of this feature’s value.

The use of fans to circulate the hot air during cooking times will give your meals an even heat both inside and out. This all is done through trapping moisture inside of the food to negate the pitfall of drying out your meal.

Additionally, appliances like the  Sharp Stainless Steel Carousel Convection + Microwave Oven  combine the powers of microwave and convection cooking to have your food ready faster than ever.


When purchasing a microwave oven, many people tend to dismiss the importance of a quality carousel. This seemingly tiny detail can turn out to be a big deal. Glass, plastic, or ceramic? Well, that is a personal preference. Some people shoot for a style uniform to the rest of their appliances, while others look for whichever is easiest to clean. Regardless, a carousel is a feature you should seek out in your new microwave.

Convenient Placement

It is no secret that size does indeed matter. However, it is a common misconception that bigger is always better. When picking out a new microwave oven, it is important to pay attention to how much countertop space you are willing to sacrifice, if any at all.

For those who cannot stand the idea of wasting valuable countertop space on a microwave oven or for those who simply cannot spare the space, there are plenty of options in modern day microwave ovens. One can look to install an over-the-range microwave oven, an over-the-counter microwave oven, or for the most daring individuals, a built-in microwave drawer like the Sharp Stainless Steel Easy Wave Open Microwave Drawer Oven .

These appliances are conveniently placed in space saving areas of your kitchen and can modernize even the most outdated kitchens.

Easy Touch Automatic Drawer System

High end appliances are all made with a slew of valuable microwave oven features.  The list could truly go on for days. One feature that must be mentioned is still brand new to many. This is the Easy Touch Automatic Drawer system available in the Sharp Stainless Steel Easy Wave Open Microwave Drawer Oven .

With the simple push of a button or wave of the hand, this appliance smoothly glides open or slides closed. This feature champions an extra pair of hands in your kitchen that we all find ourselves needing from time to time.

Because there are so many high-quality features installed in modern microwave ovens today, it can be a bit stressful to decide which one would be best for you. Using this guide, as a reference point, we suggest attaining a bit of research before making your purchase. It would be silly to settle for a lackluster appliance when there is an endless supply of out-of-this-world models available.