Top 5 Reasons to Buy a New Microwave Now

Sharp Smart Countertop Microwave Oven

I spend a lot of time on the internet, specifically on recipe-focused and kitchen design-centric sites highlighting some of the newest trends, recipes, and technologies. While something new and innovative is always popping up, I began to see all these wonderful microwave options with new and inclusive features pop up. Through reading different blogs, I started to wonder if it was time to buy a new microwave. After 5 minutes of quick research, I already had one in my online shopping cart ready to go.

When my new microwave came in the mail, I was ecstatic to get it set up, and I began to tell all my close friends about it, so now I figured I would tell you. I know what you are thinking, and trust me; I had those same initial thoughts, “My microwave works just fine” could be your excuse for now, but after reading these top reasons I compiled, I am sure you will be clicking “add to cart” too! Feel free to check out some of the links to awesome microwave ovens.

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Transform the Living Room into the Movie Theater

I’m just going to say it out flat, the past two years have been some of the craziest I have seen in my lifetime. Adaptability seems to be the word on everyone’s tongue. While we have spent a lot more time at home, some benefits come along with that. Yes, our work office and classrooms are now our kitchen tables in this hybrid environment but even though we have been through lots of change, not all of it has been negative.

There have been more and more restrictions on going to a movie theater to catch your favorite film causing many major movie production companies to announce that they will be streaming them through different streaming services for you to watch in the comfort of your own home.

That’s right; you can cuddle up for date night or call all the kids downstairs instead of wrangling everyone together to go to the movies. No more scheduled movie times, so take up as much space as you want, whenever you want. This sounds like a win to me, but my favorite thing about this is no more overpriced snacks and popcorn!

Sharp Smart Countertop Microwave Oven Alexa Command

Just grab a bag of popcorn and pop it away in your Sharp Stainless Steel Smart Carousel Countertop Microwave Oven and use the Orville Redenbacher’s® Certified Popcorn Presets to get that perfect buttery taste, enhancing your overall cinematic experience.

If you have been a reader of Simply Better Living for quite some time, you know that we always like to take things a step further. If you are looking to make your movie night unique, check out some of these Popcorn Remix Recipes to really add some flavor to the classic movie treat.

Before you start your movie, feel free to grab some of your favorite snacks and drinks from the local dollar or convenience store to snack on during the film. Just because the movie theater is now the living room doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t indulge in your favorite bites. I can’t wait for you to enjoy it, and who knows? Maybe after writing this, I will do the same.

Microwaves are Bigger than the Kitchen (Not Physically)

Coffee being taken out of a microwave oven

When I moved into my house, I bought and decided to lay out all my furniture to coordinate and go with my daily activities. Of course, the design of a home is always nice, but functionality is even more important. I bet more than anything you would love your home to look like it came straight out of the interior design show, but sometimes I watch those shows and think about how people live in those homes. There definitely is a steady balance between the two, and you will see what I mean.

Hunger follows me wherever I go, and when I want a snack, that means I want something quick and easy to set up. This usually reverts and leads to quick microwaveable meals or snacks (which are yummy), but I hate dragging myself all the way to the kitchen. Then I realized all you need is a plug, so why do we only keep them in the kitchen? Buy one for another room in the house, to make it more convenient.

At times, if I wander off into the kitchen, I find myself trying a new recipe and whipping up an amazing creation taking away from work. Thirty minutes later, I have a dozen cupcakes in the oven and a backlog of work. See the problem?

Woman working from home with a coffee cup

Placing a microwave in other rooms in your house besides the kitchen serves many purposes. If you put one in your home office, you can easily warm up your coffee or tea while still in front of your computer.

Do you ever fear that you will miss out on the game-changing touchdowns or grand slams on your TV because you have to take the wings out of your oven? I’m with you, but if you place a microwave oven in your favorite TV room, you will be sure to catch every game-changing play.

I am so passionate about this; I even wrote an article about this topic alone. Check out “Your Man Cave Needs a Microwave- Here’s Why.” You are going to realize real quick that it is going to be worth your while!

Alexa, I Need a New Microwave Oven

Sharp Microwave Oven- SMC1449FS next to Alexa device

Over the last decade, we have integrated technology into almost everything. We have the internet on our watches, digital picture frames, flying cameras, and so much more. Well, let’s add a smart microwave oven to the ever-growing innovative list.

For many years, microwave ovens have been an integral part of the cooking process, and one thing that we all do in the kitchen is multitasking. Picture this; you help prepare Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family in a non-COVID world (wouldn’t that be wonderful). Between the turkey, stuffing, mac & cheese (that’s my favorite), and everything in between, you could really use a helper. And no, not someone that is going to talk back or end up being in the way. Ding, ding, ding, the answer is technology.

So when I found out that microwave ovens like the Sharp Stainless Steel Smart Carousel Countertop Microwave Oven Works with Alexa, I put one in my shopping cart and started marking off my list of people to buy for. This was the perfect answer.

Amazon Alexa device in kitchen

Working in the kitchen can be a lot at times and even stressful. While it is great to have a second hand there to help and assist you in whipping up the perfect meal, it’s much easier to say, “Alexa, defrost a pound of chicken” to your Amazon Echo device or use any one of the many preset commands to fit your needs.

In addition to having a compatible microwave oven with an Amazon Alexa, having an Alexa device in the kitchen serves so many more purposes. This awesome roundup from CNET showcasing “12 reasons to use Alexa in the kitchen” really makes you think how much technology is on the side. After integrating it with your appliances, you can use it to make grocery lists, search for recipes (even though your favorites are on Simply Better Living), or even play your favorite song. Smart kitchens are the way of the future, so if I were you, I would jump on board!

It’s All About the Design

Think about your day-to-day activities and where you spend most of the day in your home. Of course, your foyer or hallway may be decorated beautifully with family pictures representing your fondest memories. However, how much time do you spend there? Chances are, you probably spend most of your time at home in the kitchen. Between prepping for meals, sitting around the kitchen table, or washing your hands at the sink, we must create a space that reflects your tastes and makes a comfortable environment for yourself and your family.

Let’s face it, we all want (and deserve) a beautiful kitchen like the ones we see on TV and in magazines, and the reality is you are not that far away from getting there. Here are a few “Tips for Designing Your Pinterest Perfect Kitchen” that really get you a dream kitchen on a budget. But I bet you are probably wondering what your microwave has to do with this or why you should consider buying a new one.

Aside from your kitchen cabinets, your household appliances are an integral part of your kitchen. Where you place them and put them really sets a precedent for your kitchen design and the flow of how everything is laid out.

While on social media, I came across this awesome article from Houzz showcasing “9 Places to Put the Microwave in Your Kitchen”. It includes a bunch of cool organizational and placement hacks resulting in more space for your everyday life. Two of my favorite concepts included placing it in a spare cabinet or an island.

Sharp Smart Countertop Microwave Interior

If you have a large spare cabinet in your kitchen where you feel like you can fit a microwave oven unit, this may be great to give your kitchen a sleeker feel without having anything on your countertop. Feel free to move around interchangeable shelves to see if you can fit this and achieve this look for your kitchen.

Does your kitchen have a lot of space in the middle? If so, you may want to consider constructing a small island so you can get more cabinet space and place a microwave unit in there. The Sharp Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer Oven should do the trick! If you consider placing an island in your kitchen, remember that you can make it a different color, so you don’t have to worry about matching it, and many come preassembled. When you have a free moment, take a trip to your local hardware retailer; I’m sure they have what you need!


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