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Beautiful blue and white kitchen design

For nearly six months, I have been spending a lot more time in the kitchen. My family and I are gathering around the kitchen island. I have to say that having an up-to-date and functional kitchen design is very helpful for my family and me to make the most of our time together.

I know what you may be thinking – this is another kitchen design blog telling you how you need to spend money on a complete kitchen renovation that requires you to rip out the cabinets. You’d be surprised to know that there are many tips and design hacks to make your kitchen look magazine perfect that are budget-friendly and do not require a full kitchen remodel!

Looking throughout many different kitchen blogs and social sites, I have narrowed down five of my favorite perfect kitchen designs. Feel free to share your kitchen renovations with us on social media by using the #SharpHome on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and tagging @SharpHomeUSA.

 Let’s Get Organized

A woman opening a cabinet door.

You could do all of the renovations and remodeling you want to the kitchen and still have the clutter. If your space is not organized or have an efficient flow, the room will never mimic the designs you see on your favorite home renovation shows and magazines. The coolest thing about organizing is that there is not one specific way, and it is entirely up to you to find your groove. What you may find to be your way may not be the same for others.

Going to your local office supply or dollar store may have all the supplies you need to use your kitchen more effectively for little money. Looking at some simple tips from “Hacksoholic,” these quick projects should take no more than 10-15 minutes each.

The biggest takeaway was to utilize the cabinet doors as it is ample and valuable space in your kitchen. Some ways to do this are to purchase magazine racks and use adhesives to attach one side to the cabinet door. This is a great place to store some of your favorite cookbooks, tall kitchen utensils, or anything you keep in your kitchen sanctuary.

 If that one is not your favorite, try finding little hooks to place on the inside of your cabinet doors. I use this method and find it especially useful in two areas. First, I use it under the sink to hold my dustpan. I always found them annoying and inconvenient to store, so this creative hack was helpful an opened up more storage.

Opening cabinet door with two hands.

The second area I found these little hooks on the cabinet doors useful was in the snack cabinet to hold small bags of chips and snack bars. I am a massive fan of the wholesale club and enjoy buying in bulk. However, I notice when I get to the last three or two candy bars, I find them getting lost and don’t see them until they are expired. By having them on the cabinet door, it keeps them organized and reminds me they are there.

Add Some Color to the Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets

When my family and I moved into a new home last year, we loved the location and the floor plan. However, the style of the house was not really to our liking. With the kitchen new and some high-quality finishes, it seemed like it would be wrong and waste to rip out a perfectly good kitchen just because we didn’t like the cabinets. Plus, we researched the cost of a brand-new kitchen, and let’s say I wasn’t a fan.

Recently, I have noticed that many of my friends and family have been painting over their kitchen cabinets using effective strategies to get a whole new kitchen design feel. Looking at the before and after, most times, it feels and looks like an entirely new kitchen.

While many have had successes with painting their existing kitchen cabinets, it doesn’t come without careful planning. So, go in your favorite home décor magazine and pick a color of your dream cabinets, head over to the hardware store, pick out some old clothes, and read these few tips to get ready.

Painting cabinets can be a bit different than painting walls or other pieces of furniture, and there are a few additional steps; however, the pay off is rewarding and cost-effective. “Painted Furniture Ideas has compiled a list of common mistakes people make. Following these tips will make your cabinets look showroom reach for a fraction of the cost.

A person laying a cabinet down to paint it.

The tip is to remove the hinges from the cabinets and don’t paint over them or around them. This will make sure that your paint will stay consistent and will also give them clean works. Using a screwdriver will do the trick. You also want to lay your cabinets on a flat surface or on the ground to avoid drips and uneven drying. Make sure they are completely dry before hanging, or else gravity will do its job.

Finally, make sure that you prime your cabinets (unless using chalk paint), paint a clear coat, and let them dry 110% before you hang them back up.

Now, go through some of Simply Better Living’s unique recipes and find the perfect one to whip up in your new space.

Repurposing Your Kitchen Desk Into a Coffee (or Wine) Bar

A few years ago, desks in kitchens were a common trend, and many people used them. However, throughout the years, between the evolution of technology and work from home trends, many people are opting for the idea of a more private workspace or can bring their computer to work anywhere in the house.

While following the #SharpStayAtHome message, I realized that next to my endless Zoom meetings, coffee is a real best friend, especially when you sleep until the last minute (I hope my boss doesn’t read this). Now that my trips through the coffee shop drive-thru are less and less, and my coffee machine is being used more than ever before, designating a space for coffee seemed natural.

While looking up some cool and design tips on Pinterest, I found this blog from “Organizing Moms,” showcasing the remodeling and repurposing a kitchen desk into your coffee bar. The transformation is simple.

The first step towards the transformation is to declutter all the stuff existing on the desk (pens, paper, etc.) Once it is cleared, place your coffee machine strategically on the countertop and decoratively display all your coffee accessories. This could include hanging your favorite decorative coffee mugs below the cabinets. Go to your local home décor store and grab some decorative trays to organize your single-serve coffee pods by flavor, color, or any way you choose.

Under the cabinets, there is usually an open space where the chairs are meant for. It may be a good idea to find a small decorative curtain that matches your existing kitchen theme. You can store coffee pod boxes, a magazine rack, or even a lovely little stool for your morning time coffee routine.

If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, but wine is, feel free to use these same concepts and create a wine bar, showcasing your favorite wine glasses and bottles. If you are leaning more towards a wine bar, even consider placing a standard wine cooler where the chair opening was. Invite the adults over, create an appetizer, and have a great time.

A Rug In The Kitchen

Rug in the kitchen

At first, this idea seemed a bit strange to me as kitchens in the homes I lived in usually had tile or hardwood floors in them. It wasn’t until I visited close family friends and visited their new construction home. When I saw that they had placed rugs and runners into their kitchens, I started to think about the concept, and to be quite honest, I thought it was a FANTASTIC idea!

In most rooms of the house, it is simple to make a room your own, especially when it comes to bedrooms and living rooms. You can pick out a sofa, a bedspread, wall décor, and the list goes on. When designing a kitchen, you need to stop and assess what you have and be creative to make it your own, getting rid of the cold feeling.

Rug in the kitchen

After looking at a blog spotlight post from “Fashion Jackson,” I was once again reminded of how much a focus piece a rug can be mainly in the kitchen. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have striped pattern cabinets with a polka dot backsplash, so having rugs on top of your kitchen floors can really serve as an abstract visual piece and make the room pop.

If you have an open concept home, feel free to match your rugs like the ones in your living space or the pillows on your couch. This is a great way to create an inclusive decorative feeling and make your kitchen feel even homier.

Rug in the kitchen

Aside from decorative reasons, it may be even safer to have rugs throughout the kitchen, especially when you are dealing with water. In an environment where you spend lots and lots of time on your feet, having a rug under you may prevent you from a quick slip or be a bit more cozy and comfortable (especially if you are barefoot).

Extra Wall Space? Floating Shelves are the Answer

Floating shelves in kitchen Floating shelves in kitchen.

Simplicity and minimalism are key for me in the kitchen. Many people are opting for an open feeling and are throwing away their kitchen cabinets and replacing them with decorative shelves, showcasing their everyday use items. While I am not saying to start tearing out your kitchen cabinets, if you have a bit of wall space in your kitchen (whether it is over your countertop or just extra space), it may be a unique idea to jump on board this trend and hang up modern shelving.

Many see this project serve as a dual purpose, as a decorative piece and a storage maximization hack. I know personally that there is no such thing as having too many cabinets in a kitchen, and floating shelves may seem to be the perfect solution. Luckily, “This House May Be Bigger Than The Three of Us has created a step-by-step solution on how to get this newest trend into your kitchen without hiring a professional contractor.

Floating shelves in kitchen

First, head over to your home improvement store and pick up as many heavy duty shelving units as you’d like and accompanying heavy-duty mallet anchors. Also, you are going to want to keep a drill and measuring tape nearby to make sure you get them accurately in and to ensure the process runs smoothly. Next, look at your wall and figure out where you would like to hang the shelves. It is recommended to be at least 20 inches off a countertop to make sure you still can function and continue to complete everyday tasks.

Once you have followed the steps from the blog on how to hang correctly, he anchors, places your new heavy-duty shelving units, and makes sure they are secure. When completed, feel free to clean them up and decorate them however you would like. This would be an excellent opportunity for some greenery to brighten up your kitchen and display some of your favorite ingredients using mason jars.

Remember, use #SharpHome on social and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to show us your results. I can’t wait to see all your new and improved beautiful kitchens.

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