Kitchen Transformation Sneak Peek

It’s no secret that we love a good kitchen transformation, and one of the most exciting things for us is to see how our appliances, like the Microwave Drawer TM can be the inspiration and the centerpiece for a complete kitchen renovation. One of our friends at Good Housekeeping, Meaghan Murphy, shared some BTS photos with us of her kitchen transformation process. In her home, Meghan utilized our Microwave Drawer as a built-in addition to enhance the utility of her kitchen island. We love this location for the drawer because it is so convenient and centrally located. It also has the added bonus of tucked away convenience, freeing up counter space and allowing for an overall clean and clutter-free look. Meaghan has kids, so she knows a mom’s hands are often full. The drawer can be closed easily with a quick nudge. It is also at the perfect height for kids to make their own popcorn and help with food prep. Meaghan had this to say about her love for the Microwave Drawer:

 “Our Sharp microwave drawer is a game changer! We designed our island around it to free up precious counter space. Boy, are we glad we did!”

Stay tuned for more photos of the complete transformation from Meghan Murphy and Good Housekeeping!

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