Make No Mistake: Creativity Has No Patience

Peter Weedfald playing a grand piano

Creativity has no patience. Repeat and rinse: creativity has no patience especially in the language of advertising and marketing investments.

Make no mistake, successful creativity expressed through sales and marketing is all about servicing imagination. Music artistry and its orchestrated mix is emotional creativity designed to sell and market the band, the brand, the content the competitive advantage for profitable results.

In business our sales and marketing process from cradle to grave mirrors the inception and creation of song, the orchestration of sound and tempo, the purposeful targeted genre (audience). The purpose is to service the imagination of our target audience to make or take a market through orchestrated creativity.

As it is in music, impactful business creativity ferments thru a multitude of demographic genres, designed to be, hoped to be highly relevant, exceedingly effective.

As there is a mammoth pylon of failed songs, bands and artists, so are there in business a large museum of failed products, services and companies. Music artistry, creativity and business leadership are tri-modal in nature, each traveling thru variable tracks, working to congress emotional capital with consumer demand to sell products, services and assets: to make or take a market.

This artistic power-troika when disciplined and deployed as one force offers inspirational capital in the resulting form of selling, buying and purchasing power. Offers a business genre, a class or category of artistic and creative endeavor and technique rendered into the form of profitable market opportunity and growth.

Think in the broader language of conductor and orchestra. The tremendous responsibility and power to lead the band, lead the orchestra thru painted tracks of notes, impressions, feelings, tempos all designed to evoke emotional and inspirational return on investment (ROI).

The pernickety and mercurial creativity which must be impatiently pulled from all individual orchestra members mirrors the same in market when creating a brand position, or a marketing campaign creatively designed to pull all consumers to their product, services and offerings.

In both business and music, creativity is designed to glue, emote, stimulate and energize all who listen, all who stare and heart fully feel with squinting eyes, ears and heart. Music artistry, creativity and business acting and performing as one creative force has already won the right tracks for successful engagements, accelerated growth of audience and opportunity.

Make no mistake, the union of music artistry, creativity and business marketing is not for the faint of heart… not for the uninitiated.

The more we practice and deploy this trilogy of emotional fuel the more we drive brand infatuation… the more we leave in the dust brand evaporation. As they say, how does one get to the Carnegie Hall of successful business marketing? Practice, practice, practice!

Here I am practicing and creating in the language of music and emotional capital in my Studio W with a composition titled: “Make No Mistake.” Studio W, known as a music whacky room drives creativity, orchestration, multiple sounds, genres, tempos… all as practice for business marketing creation to consumers, to customers.

Creative business marketing genres just like creative music genres must play and be received to a relevant target audience. There are similarities in process, in creation and design that starts with and remains assiduous thru all touch points of uniting music artistry, creativity and leadership.

Experimentation thru the life cycle of creation is a core competency to ensure best competitive results. I call this experimental room, hallway, conference room the “Whacky Room.” Every business should enlist a whacky room to experiment, stretch and exercise creative thinking, planning, advantages and key hooks to ensure inspirational brand and product advantage. This is team experimentation lead by a creative-relevancy docent where no idea is unwarranted, no abnormal thinking is discounted: where no one is left out of the creative journey.

The real power of this creative trilogy is pre-constructed and merited through the dignity of relevant knowledge. It is essential all who intend to create are first well cemented and schooled in the art of the possible based upon all relevant touch points, capabilities, targets, investment capital aspirations and market realities.

With this knowledge for all team members ingested, conflict in creative direction and exchange is expected and warranted based upon creative and relevant differences, understanding. This conflict I title “positive tension” is in itself competitive advantage towards achieving the most inspirational and emotionally charged ROI to make and or take a market.

Make no mistake, creative sharing and curating augers market success when you are able to congener 1. music artistry, 2. creativity and 3. business leadership. A shared advantage of creative excellence to engine and fuel opportunity is the core construct of smart, lasting opportunity.

Excellence in union of these three key drivers breaks the norm, crashes thru mediocracy, extends opportunity boundaries: calculates and creates market advantage… builds inspirational and profitable capital to your hungry business plan, your hunting brand and products.

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