Meet Gina Fontana

A woman eating cookies with a chocolate drizzle.

Meet Gina Fontana, the recipe developer + food photographer + personality behind the health food blog, Healthy Little Vittles.

Gina was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and Thyroid Disease in 2013, after searching for answers to her unexplained, life-long, ailments. Since then, Gina has found tremendous relief by embracing a gluten-free, vegan, lifestyle and is driven to share her success with others.

Gina has made an impact by sharing her story and providing hope and strategy to others with her creative, health-conscious, alternatives. Gina wants to show everyone that delicious, flavorful and exciting meals can be easy. She hopes to inspire people through her story, her recipes, and creative photography to pursue a healthier lifestyle and show that mindful eating is more than life-changing, it’s fun!

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