Mobile Commerce: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

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In a recent Twice article, Alan Wolf highlighted the interaction Sharp Home Electronics has with customers who utilize mobile applications on their phones and tablets. See an excerpt from the article below.

“People need to be able to find you, learn about you, compare items and price it up,” Gilbert told TWICE. At the same time, “The consumer purchase path is getting more varied. Often people will come into a store to shop, and either make their decision or finalize the purchase online. But before they even visit the store, they probably looked at the website first, and 50 percent of the time it’s through mobile.”

The same holds true on the vendor side. While Sharp Home Electronics neither sells direct nor maintains a mobile app, 30 percent of its end-user journeys begin through its informational mobile site, where consumers browse the assortment, locate a retailer or learn more about service and support, said sales and marketing senior VP Peter Weedfald.

But regardless of where the purchase path begins or ends, “You have to make it very easy no matter how the consumer wants to buy,” added RWS’ Gilbert. “You have to make it easy to make the purchase from the couch without going back to the store, if that’s what the customer wants. It’s all about convenience.”


Interested in reading the entire article? Visit Twice.com here.

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