Why You Should Buy a Sharp Microwave Drawer

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Microwaves are indispensable conveniences in most kitchens. However, traditional models can take up valuable countertop real estate. Also, there are some capabilities you wish a microwave could have so you don’t have to fire up your oven. Thanks to Sharp’s invention of the microwave drawer, these drawbacks are elegantly resolved. While many brands carry microwave drawers, every unit on the market is manufactured by Sharp, and they’ve saved the best features for themselves. Let’s examine the SMD2480CS model to understand why you should buy a Sharp microwave drawer.

Sharp Microwave Drawer Installation

Sharp Microwave Drawer Installation

When the microwave drawer first hit the market 20 years ago, its reception was a mixed bag of curiosity and reluctance. Some lauded the forward-thinking design it brought to the kitchen. Others were averse to possibly having to remodel their existing cabinetry. Taking these concerns into consideration, Sharp engineered the SMD2480CS to fit in four locations in easy reach to your food preparation area. You can install your microwave drawer in a kitchen island, in a peninsula, under a counter, and even underneath your Sharp wall oven.*


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