2 Tips to Avoid Ending Up on the Scrap Heap of Once-Great Brands

Aside from declaring Chapter 11 (Radio Shack did it twice), each retailer committed the cardinal sin of ceding the personal customer relationship to the cloud (Think: Amazon, eBay, etc.). They also completely neglected the immense sales potential within a five-mile radius of each and every one of their stores.

Aside from a brief stint serving up banana splits at the Teaneck, NJ, Dairy Queen, I’d be the first to admit I am NOT a retail strategist.

But I happen to represent someone who is: Peter Weedfald, SVP Sales & Marketing Home Appliances, SHARP Electronics Marketing Company of America.

Weedfald is in charge of an innovative program for Sharp that focuses on partnering with retailers to help them delight customers who live in close proximity to them. Whatever business you are in, the strategic principles of this program can improve sales in almost ANY industry by combining the best aspects of the cloud and good old superior customer service.


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