A Winning Team – The SuperSteam+ Convection Oven and Microwave Drawer


This week is the NBA finals, one of the most exciting sports seasons of the year. This season has been a major nail biter and we can’t wait to watch the last two teams battle it out tonight in the finals. If you ask us, one of the best things about watching sports isn’t the actual game itself, but the food made to accompany it. One of our favorite game time go-tos? A freshly made meatball sub!

We partnered with our friends over at Food 52 to show how to make the ultimate game day subs using our SuperSteam+ Convection Oven and Microwave Drawer(TM). Meatballs are always a crowd pleaser, but it can be tough to get them perfect every time. That’s why we love using the SuperSteam+ to cook up some game time meatballs. The Superheated steam cooks the meatballs to tender and juicy perfection white the convection oven assures they are nice and crisp on the outside. And what would meatballs be without some freshly made tomato sauce to accompany them? While our meatballs are cooking in the SuperSteam+, we suggest warming up some tomato sauce tossed with fresh herbs our Microwave Drawer. The sauce heats up in just minutes and will be hot and ready to pair with the meatballs for the ultimate game day feast.

No matter who you’re rooting for in tonight’s game it clear that together our SuperSteam+ Convection Oven and Microwave Drawer are a winning pair that are guaranteed to please.

Food52 + Sharp: How to Make Any Meatball More Tender from Food52 on Vimeo.

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The SuperSteam+™ combination steam and convection oven creates meals that no other oven can by cooking in ways that no other oven does. Only the SuperSteam+ oven uses purely Superheated steam (up to 485°F) to grill, sauté and roast your favorite meats and vegetables. Cooking with Superheated Steam means that dishes come out crispy on the outside, tender, juicy and flavorful on the inside – with all the benefits of cooking with steam.

The stylish, 1.1 cu ft built-in SuperSteam+ combination steam and convection oven is three ovens in one. You can cook with Superheated steam (up to 485°F) regular steam (212°F) and convection heating. A brilliant color LCD display with touch navigation makes SuperSteam+ easy to use. The oven’s interface gives you expert guidance and built-in recipes to make the healthy and delicious meals you love.

With approximately 2 million steam ovens sold, it’s easy to see why home cooks throughout the world trust Sharp.

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Sharp’s Black Stainless Microwave Drawer’s rich, elegant finish is an absolute show-stopper for your dream kitchen. As a complimentary appliance in a black stainless kitchen, or a stunning design statement in any kitchen, the Sharp Black Stainless Microwave Drawer allows you to showcase your design savvy and create a premium kitchen that flows with your lifestyle.

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