Spruce Up your Kitchen This Spring

Spring is a time to welcome in the warm weather and crisp air and say goodbye to the clutter we have all collected over the holidays. You may be asking yourself how it was possible for you to accumulate so many things over the course of one winter. Quite frankly, it is a process to keep things organized in any active kitchen. For this reason, spring cleaning is of the utmost importance, and the time to get down to the nitty-gritty is now.

Separating your kitchen into sections can help avoid feeling overwhelmed or defeated. We recommend working section by section and taking a 20-minute break in between to avoid ripping up your to-do list. Here’s how we separate our kitchen:

Free the Fridge

A clean kitchen starts with a fresh refrigerator. Start the spring cleaning process by throwing away old and unwanted food. This will make room for all the snacks you’ll want to stock up on this year. If you haven’t reached for it in over two weeks, it is probably safe to assume you won’t be reaching for it for a while. It is also very important to check the dates on all your food and to actively check for browning and mold spots.

To rid your refrigerator of unwanted smells and stains, start off by wiping down each shelf with a clean wipe. After all the stains have been removed, place a box of baking soda with a small opening in the back corner of the fridge. This will eat away at unwanted odors for about 3 months.

To clean the exterior, start off by removing all magnets, report cards, and drawings. Once you have sorted through what to keep and what to throw away, wipe down the exterior with a clean wipe and replace.

Welcome the Fresh Air

At Sharp, we believe a key component to a mindful lifestyle is clean air. We have been waiting patiently all winter long to open our windows without getting frost bite. With fresh air comes fresh curtains and the chance to give those dusty curtains a much-needed trip to the washing machine.

If your allergies act up in the springtime like mine do, you may want to consider investing in an air purifier or plant with air purifying capabilities to keep the air in your kitchen fresh. We recommend the Sharp HEPA Air Purifier because it is able to capture pollen, dust, pet dander, and smoke, while reducing germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus.

Mop Away Mud Stains

With the weather constantly changing and snow melting, it is inevitable to avoid tracking mud throughout the kitchen. Slowly but surely, we have all allowed our standards for the kitchen floors to become lower and lower.

To bring your kitchen tiles back to their former glory, start off with a clean sponge or mop and a bucket of water with soap. After the initial wash, we recommend an additional scrub with a tile cleaner and then spot cleaning those tough stains.

Sweep Away Cooking Crumbles

Cooking a family dinner almost always leaves the kitchen a mess. Without even realizing it, most of us wipe the crumbs off the counter and onto the floor in a desperate attempt to clean up quickly after dinner. Repeating this process night after night successfully builds up a lifetime supply of crumbs underneath both our cabinets and stove.

Make sure to sweep away unwanted clumps and dirt this Spring. Start by sweeping the steps, floor, and underneath the cabinets. When you finish the easier parts of the kitchen, have a family member or friend help you move your stove aside before cleaning underneath.


Organize Those Cabinets

We’re all subconsciously aware of the fact that after a trip to the grocery store, fresh food ends up in the front of the cabinet and older food is pushed to the back. The problem with this habit is that without even noticing, the older food spoils and starts to smell.

Cleaning your cabinets is a “Rip the Band-Aid Off” process that will require you to empty each cabinet entirely before your work can truly begin. We recommend having a few garbage bags handy and throwing away expired food, as it is removed from the cabinet, because there is nothing worse than having to shamefully look at a blue loaf of bread.

Once the cabinets are completely empty, you’ll want to wash each shelf down, replace any tattered shelf liners, and place a small box of baking soda in the back before starting to restock. There are many affordable tips and hacks on Pinterest that you can access to better organize each shelf in your cabinet. However, if you’re as crafty as I am, you’ll stick to stacking your food on the shelf the usual way.


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