The Art Of Irresistible Persuasiveness

Peter Weedfald at press event for Green Reign Leadership book

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination and creativity will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

Business, any business is best engineered through the art of superior selling. And selling success is smartly realized through bi-modal disciplines of refulgent creativity, profitable business logic. Smart, highly relevant logic makes an argument sound while smart creativity makes an argument, a sales presentation or a negotiation sound logical.

We keenly understand logic is the core engine of our minds, while creativity is the flinty engine of our hearts.

To succeed in sales we must keep them separated, never allowing our minds to battle our hearts and vice versa especially through the “heart” of a negotiation. Instead, we command the resolve of creativity (our hearts) while promulgating critical thinking through sharp logic (our minds).

We then fold them in with profitable relevancy designed and perfectly tuned for our negotiating sessions.

Through the masterful art of negotiation, it is the further articulation of opportunity through relevant and creative passion that earns the right to customer unite… earns the right to jointly engage in a profitable market making fight.

Hence profit, the purpose of business, becomes the anthem of opportunity resting on the wide shoulders of logical-creative advantage.

In business, the birr of emotional capital congeners logic and creativity into highly competitive advantage. We are born creative. The most creative are drawn through life to hunt for and to purposefully congener the art of the possible to sound business logic.

Emotional capital, the impactful duopoly of logic and creativity favors the prepared mind, energizes and stimulates the competitive possible based upon business facts.

Emotional capital stimulates and builds long term equitable partnerships. When relevant logic and creativity unite and spark between two parties, big, viable and long term businesses are negotiated and built.

Coupling business logic to creative passion can turn any partnership from provider of standard sturdy products to creator of competitively advantaged and consumer desired products and services.

In addition, we know from historical results, that consumers are willing to pay a few extra pennies for their own burnished feeling of emotional capital.

Think Apple, a company thriving by coupling the logic of its highly competitive, integrated product offerings with the passion of its creativity, imagination and dream weaving cosmetics and content. This is just why they are so tough to compete with.

Apples fierce and flinty union of logic and passion delivers consumers the emotional capital they want, they desire, they pay extra for again and again. This well baked Apple emotional capital cake delivers brand and product infatuation to a global market, a formidable weapon of choice few brands achieve.

Without hesitation, move and position your “logical chess pieces” to obligate, over weight and complement your potential victory through market relevant creativity.

Once baked together, the union of logic and creativity will deliver emotional capital for the negotiators, protract emotional capital for the market you are about to serve together.

Preparing and negotiating the art of irresistible market persuasiveness: smart business logic and creativity begins with 11 principles:


1. Careful identification and competitive examination of feasible, viable alternatives and opportunities with respect to your stated business strategy. Audit the gaps and fissures versus the desired goal preparing your logic case on the offense with highly relevant proof points and market evidence.

2. Auguring competitive variances as potential road blocks towards achieving your ultimate and desired outcome. The price point you wish to gain through negotiation should be backed by memorialized, financially tested good, better and best competitive line logic and margin scenarios.

Do not treat logic as pre-packaged backup to handle pricing objections. Rather craft your proposal on relevant negotiation offense coupling logic and creativity in union. A progressive granite wall of relevancy and creativity protects against crest fallen, niggling price demands and negotiations.

When in perfect harmony, delivers mutual, formidable success for you and your customer.

3. Pre-diagramming through decision tree construction is essential to ensure the value of your logic in business negotiation accelerates the value of your mutual profitable goals. Smart trees calculate and reveal essential demands and outcomes to include:

1. acceptable decisions and situations

2. smart investments, costs, expenses and returns

3. probabilities in revenues, profits and market timing.

4. Certification of financial suppositions and projections as calculated within a decision tree exercise. All costs (real, hidden, potential and expected) along with all income (current, projected, rejected and protracted based on market conditions) from each viable limb of your decision trees.

5. Calculating with market certainty the good, better and best financial negotiation scenarios with 5 percent profit positive and or negative certainty.

6. Refining, recertifying your logic proposition through an internal review practicing as the negotiator and simulating the proposal as the company you plan to negotiate with.

7. Creativity enveloped around logical brand, product, pricing and competitive market disciplines to turn opportunities based on sound logic into highly competitive actions and profitable results. Use this savvy “Idea Climate” formula to test potential selling and negotiating results.

8. Creativity, promotion, advertising and cosmetics to unite with logical propositions creating highly motivated revenues, profits, brands and market share.

9. “Creativity, which is seeing what no one else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought” (Albert Einstein). Carefully test your logic, test your competitive brand and product creativity before you enter the market.

In essence, no one buys the cold steel of a television, they purchase the dream to watch the Super Bowl in their living room or the dream of actually being the pirate swinging across the ship in a pirate movie. Market the creative product and brand power of emotional capital before you sell the cold steel or plastic of a product.

10. Passion coupled with logic and highly competitive creative as your negotiating weapon of choice, the secret sauce in becoming a market maker as opposed to a market follower.

11. The prepared union of relevancy and creative capital at the negotiating table as well as for the market you intend to unite and serve, together as “won”.


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