Art Lionizes Leadership

Business leadership, urbane and effective business leadership must be respectfully viewed and realized as a disciplined art form. Yes, an art form. A direct relative and close cousin to leading painters, musicians, writers, vocalists, actors, sports legends, composers, Olympians, ballerina’s and others trained to mesmerize our hearts and minds, lead us down a path of artistic joy and balance. All art forms are enveloped into core constructs, core disciplines time curated, practiced, corrected and matured over time. All art forms stimulate emotions, can warm and energize the course of hearts and minds, can mentor skills, stimulate inclusion, build foundations and futures: auger dreams to be fulfilled.

There are many key elements to successful artistry. All these factions mirror successful artists who discipline down a road called accomplishments. We are not taught these most valuable artist pillars and anthems in school. We do not mindfully ponder or consider how an artist matured to a point that we demand to watch and listen to them in motion. We applaud, we enjoy heartfelt and mind-felt emotions but we do not pause to examine why we are so engaged with a cordon bleu artist: so we may also become such an artist others may be stimulated to follow, to pause for, to admire.

Certainly we can all name with admiration a multitude of artistic leaders in business, in sports, in music, in dance with direct carnets and cadence to our hearts and minds. But it is the commonality we must docent, the core construct to refulgent artistry we so admire to be passed onto and upon our children. To teach those with wide eyes who passion for more in life to fuel and fulfill their hearts, minds and dreams. In point of fact, that person may be your child, your next door neighbor, your friend, your colleague at work.

So, I first pay creative tribute to just one of many forms of artistry which well amplifies a righteous path to august leadership. It is titled “The Ballerina.”

Second, I offer 7 prescribed and simple leadership points, a dogma to exercise the path to epic artistry in any field or endeavor you or they-you-care-for may choose.

Dream: Without a specific dream, without a passion for achievement, without a path to feed desire and want, artful leadership is not possible. Ask another what they dream and pine for to begin scoping their path to realization.

Focus: Professional artists in any field rely on their finesse, their intense focus to perform complex routines. Their intense sobriety in muscled concentration of mind, heart and body stimulate and cause success.

Be Patient: Excellence to be achieved is congressed through fastidious determination, discipline and great respectful patience. A pro-artist does not achieve overnight. They achieve through kinetic practice and patience.

Be Disciplined: The core artistic elements for steady and dauntless discipline include: endurance, repetition, respect, training, organization, rigor, rules regimen and most importantly, perseverance.

Enlist Creativity: An artists core is creativity. Creativity allows you to spin around competitors, enforces your art work, builds passion into the hearts and minds of your listeners, of your targeted audience. Creativity is the essence of art, the core of leadership.

Passion To Compete: Great artists are incredible competitors. Their gravitas is flinty yet caring and sharing, mindful and respectful of others they admire, they compete with. They passion the fight, they humbly respect victories and losses.

Be Goal Oriented: To transcend competition, to achieve ones artistic dream goals must be set along the path, forever. Goals can multiply, they can change, they can be added or subtracted but in the end, they are there to be achieved.

Viceroy artists have a commonality known as “a lion’s hunger.” They hunger for their eventual leadership opportunity. They sponge learn, discipline, share and care amongst their circulated crowds. They mollify and maverick hearts and minds of those that surround them, those they personally stimulate. They motivate and docent others that pine for artistic leadership, that lionize what has already been accomplished by so many leading artists who touch our hearts and minds every day.

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