Create A Positive Dent In Our Lives

In business, it is okay to have a heart for the innocent, a heart for your team members; for your brand, your products and especially for your customers. Yes in business we are orientated and guided by the facts, not by off-the-cuff emotions. And yes, leadership can be in many cases defined as “tough love” where we must tell people what they potentially don’t want to hear… not what they want to hear. Having a balanced heart in business must be in tectonic congress, must be constitution with a sharp mind, caring and sharing intense sobriety with team members towards unleashing brand, product and market capacity in the language of profitable growth.

In business, never misunderstand weakness for kindness. Having a giving and caring spirit of generosity thru your hallways, instilling a spirit of self-sacrifice while uniting around a cause of market acceleration designed to make or take a market is in itself the spirit of team generosity focused on a united cause. A cause to unleash capacity, to beat the cold steel of the P&L, to exhaust and smile thru team victories, to reflect intensely on potential or realized losses as risk never sleeps and smart learning’s docent smarter opportunities ahead. In business, a prepared mind fosters and pines for a caring heart to make or take a market.

Martin Luther King once said: “love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” In business, never let your mind battle your heart. Always keep your heart and mind in balance, in check, in respect for those around you, with you, for the cause of creating and driving recognizable, valued and long lasting opportunity. Ensure your cause, your mission, your creed in leadership disciplines and direction are their causes, their vision, their realized and valued worth whether a team member, a partner or a customer. Why? Because “the only force capable of transforming opportunity is a throng of caring and sharing minds and hearts focused on an arena of agreed upon ideas, actions and expectations.”

Call me the Master Of The Obvious however, the true wealth of any business leader is their ability to make a positive difference in people’s lives at home, in business, within the market’s they serve. I’ve always felt we at home and in business should try to live our lives, team up and or lead with others so as to leave the world in a better place. As mighty Steve Jobs once said “we should make a dent in the universe.” In business, making a positive dent across all internal and external touch points is not simply a cause but rather an obligation. In business, when a person, a product, a service, a team creates, reflects, amplifies and magnets “positive dents” (thru united hearts and minds) for their offerings, their interactions, their deliverable then indeed these actions define the ambient power of your brand. Even at home, as well exampled by our youth, our children marching across America with bellicose for their cause “March For Our Lives”, clearly unite minds (intelligent postured positions) with hearts (emotional, heartfelt memories) to establish, to create a movement, an opportunity across our nation.

I composed this music video during the weekend as I am lost in admiration and happily gobsmacked for the union of heart and mind thru our youth marching in hopes of creating a positive dent in our world: March For Our Lives.

Brand is a promise, a mettle which must be shined each and every day to be relevant, to be recognized, to be top of mind, to be heralded over experienced time. Brand guardians, ambassadors and stewards must be as durable as steel in uniting mind and heart as the auger-cynosure of planned opportunity. In essence, emotional capital (the heart) is as important in business as fiduciary capital (the mind) towards ensuring market penetration, acceleration with profitable growth.

The reality is that there are many paths to business success. There is no one righteous or solitary business path however, uniting a caring and sharing vision causes and ensures positive dents, positive, lasting value for all business stakeholders, all customers in the language of opportunity. Do what you love in heart and mind… but please congener with all team members to march for more dents, to March For Our Lives.

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