How Fast Is Your Speed?

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Evangelize and congener every little “thing” to create market opportunity.

We are hyper-speeding and spending through mature and profitable digital infrastructures now shifting, shaking, quaking and struggling into a new “smart IoT economy.” Smart however may be an overstatement. For all supererogatory brands in our current digital economy it is virtual and ubiquitous speed into the integrated connection of things that creates lasting market advantage. For all brands the disciplined question is “how smart, relevant, differentiated and measurable will our IoT strategy and brand/product/service deliverables be in the language of competitive advantage?”

The Internet of Things (IoT) intends to re-shape, accelerate and re-articulate our highly successful digital economy. But which brands, which manufacturers, which retailers, which advertising agencies are ahead of, are actively investing raw capital into this profitable opportunity tsunami ahead?

The IoT through its simplest definition portends to smartly connect, network and pylon devices, people, packaging, objects, ordinary things, processes, data and even advertising touch points. Intends to enable varying platforms and devices to sponsor and realize the collection and exchange of fast and highly efficient data.The internet of things, with the potential to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) is about to change everything, everywhere, all the time. In essence we move from our current “hub and nodes” solitary economic and knowledge based interactions to an ambient IoT sensor based economy where everything is connected to everything else: “where no-thing is left behind.”

According to some sources within ten years the IoT will deliver well over 80 billion connected devices globally. Each device with potentially dozens of sensors collecting, sharing, transacting and measuring data. Data which becomes instantly available and user friendly for expected consumer or business applications. As simple as a child’s doll recognizing your voice when you enter a room, declaring loudly “Happy Birthday John” as it is IoT sensory-connected to your home network data river. As simple as 7 to 8 billion local and global people connected to trillions of IoT enabled “things” integrated through cloud based social networks, social engineering, social B2B, B2C and B2-me.

Smart IoT product integration will deliver company advantage in the language of market speed. Unfortunately as seen in sluggish companies, the congress of competitive smart and speed collides into old, tired legacy products, brands and opportunities at the speed of disaster. Mammoth IoT industrial, manufacturing and service revenue gains will be surpassed by colossal personal demands for self-managed, sensory implanted and connected personal healthcare products. Through advanced content delivery, virtual reality and sharing through eye, ear and touch contacts. In essence, economic gains of time in work and play will be realized. When you congener every “thing” into one connected and integrated reality opportunities change rapidly and forever.

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Traditional product portfolios will need to re-cast and implement required product competencies for IoT deliverables. Re-cast to add capabilities of rapid multi-node analytics, secure and open connectivity platforms fusing hubs and nodes into one ubiquitous and integrated experience. With balanced caution, smart-tech IoT dynamics and deliverables will also spur rapid and rabid market disruption. IoT is all about making and taking a market first. As one perhaps savvy and weathered leader openly proclaims:

“first come the innovators, then come the followers, then come the losers!”

Our new IoT economy will lead, create, implement and revolutionize commerce through trillions of smart sensors over time creating a new economic revolution hard to imagine, potentially difficult to strategize for. Expectations are for perfect knowledge, perfect measurements, perfect ambient home-business-mobile and enterprise integrated environments. Further considerations, observations and recommendations include:

Savvy, well-educated business leaders are auguring and protracting IoT market strategies to create new opportunities, create faster economic gains. Our newly identified IoT economy charges leaders to focus, strategize and muscle-up creative thinking and engineering disciplines for company and brand transformation to advantage market growth.

This smart digital transformation is a journey, not a destination. We are in the early days of smarter, highly embedded technologies which will educate, fuel and blossom faster consumer interactions and commerce. We are accelerating profitable productivity while lessening the need for direct human intervention towards creating brand and consumer value. Digital IoT speed, deployment and connections in essence will be smarter and more profitable than human capital intentions.

Successors in our new smart digital economy are those able to shape, operate and execute under heightened fiduciary assumptions: those leaders willing to deploy newly attested assets and investment exploration to smarter IoT technology approaches within their business model. Fast winners will deploy and re-capitalize their goods and services in parallel to smart technology advancements. For example, embedded node sensors will become a greater part of our daily lives within our clothing, devices, packaging, monitoring systems, eyewear, toys, health-wear, car tires, furniture, and even, our flooring. Our things will navigate, articulate and participate in ways we have never imagined. Never capitalized nor privileged before.

These embedded smart pulsing multi-modal signals will offer manufacturers and retailers pre-and post-supply chain, demographic, geo-demographic and psychographic information relevant to consumption, pricing, preference and renewal. Increases in IoT productivity will deliver increase in P&L profitability.

The IoT economy will promulgate a smarter, faster and closer one-to-one SCRM (Social Customer Relationship Management) relationship with consumers creating profitable advertising, marketing, branding and selling opportunities, second by second.

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Our sunny paradigm shift to IoT enabled smart sensors, devices, software and digital embedded nodes forces business leaders to quickly auger changing product and market dynamics. Catalysts go-forward digitally-focused strategies to ensure company speed, market growth and profitable opportunities. The time for such leadership strategies and tactics is right now. Smart, cloud based and connected digital technologies have already set the early stage for winners and losers across every market category.

How IoT smart is your company’s brand, products and future?  As smart as your leadership’s ability to obsolete sluggish products, services and market engagements while simultaneously re-investing, re-threading and re-torqueing capital, assets and investments with celerity, with IoT market advantage.

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