Thanks and Giving!

Rudy Giuliani and Peter Weedfald

(shown:Peter Weedfald, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Fire Chief Nick Scoppetta and Phil Schoonover: donating on behalf of Circuit City employees $100,000 for the children and families of the NLEAFCF).

As we begin our heartfelt family Thanksgiving preparations and recall grateful memories for all who have touched our families lives in special and generous ways, I share with you one such organization I am proud to have dedicated personal time and financial support for over many years: the NLEAFCF. Trust me, this is a heartfelt, very special organization and team that also supports and cares about our families, our children daily.

The National Law Enforcement and Firefighters Children’s Foundation (NLEAFCF) works to help children and families nationwide affected by a line of duty death. Since its inception, the NLEAFCF has given hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of scholarships and grants to children and families of law enforcement agents and firefighting personnel. Every year there is a special giving and caring ceremony during the NY Thanksgiving Day parade, which I have been blessed to join along with Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Fire Chief Nick Scoppetta, Larry Levy and founder Al Kahn.

And I very am humbled to have incepted, spearheaded and donated along with my Circuit City team members over $100,000 for the children of the NLEAFCF  as well as personally honored to keynote as a voice of support for these refulgent and canny efforts during prior year Thanksgiving Day Parade events in New York City. In addition, our Circuit City team raised and delivered over $500,000 for 10 firehouses across America to help the families and efforts of our caring firefighters who have done so much for our families.

The top award of $141,402  was delivered  to the Chickahominy Volunteer Fire Department Station 10 of Ashland, Virginia (noted in this Dealerscope article: Thanks and Giving 

For those of us living on the east coast experiencing the pain and family tumble of Hurricane Sandy, we know very well and so greatly appreciate our police and firefighters helping and caring for our safety, for our repair. I am honored to continue to personally donate and support such an important organization, such a heartfelt and vital cause. I hope you will consider joining me along the way.

How You Can Help Make a Difference!

(Peter Weedfald delivers a keynote presentation at The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the NLEAFCF along with Mayor Rudy Giuliani and our wonderful founder Al Kahn.)

The Foundation’s cornerstone event each year is their annual Thanksgiving Day Parade Breakfast.  For each of the past 12 years, the NLEAFCF has invited some 1,300 children and relatives of fallen personnel from the law enforcement and firefighting services of New York and New Jersey to share a hot breakfast and front row viewing of one of New York City’s classic events – The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Every holiday season new families look forward to this significant event for a chance to gather, celebrate and ease a sorrow that perhaps fades, but never disappears, particularly during difficult times such as the holidays.  I am very proud to continue to personally support the tradition this year when their 15th Annual Thanksgiving Parade Event will take place on November 26, 2016 at Bryant Park in New York City.

If you would like to personally contribute to our fallen hero cause for the children and their families please click here:http://www.nleafcf.org/

Thank you for considering to support this  worthy cause to help safeguard, protect and invest in the children of our heartfelt fallen enforcement officers and firefighters.

Wishing you, your entire family along with all our law enforcement and firefighting teams, our war veterans, our troops abroad and at home a very happy, safe and blessed Thanksgiving holiday celebration.


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