u r creative!

“creativity is intelligence having fun!”      Albert Einstein 

  Perhaps along your personal and or business path someone, a manager, a peer, a leader forgot to stimulate, motivate and promote your most potent and valued proposition, your creativity. Artists (actors, musicians, painters, performers, creative directors) in any form are drawn to life, to happiness and personal fulfillment by a mighty unyielding emotionally magnetic force nearly impossible to describe or articulate: creativity. Perhaps along the way your creative ideas or propositions were stultified, tamped down by another who could not distinguish, recognize or value your creativity.

Truckling to your creativity, sharing your creative spirit and exercising your relevant and motivating art form at work and at home will surely deliver you the unbridled thrill we see in the eyes and emotions of magna cum laude artists like Billy Joel, Brad Pitt, Peter Max, Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, Joey Reynolds and so many others we pine for based upon their jaunty spirit, their mammoth capability to make and take an audience based upon their personal creativity. These artists are opportunity obsessed, they create, motivate and stimulate a targeted audience through their creativity which in turn builds their brand promise, which in turn creates anticipation for what is next, “what portentous creativity, content, role will you deliver next to stimulate my life and happiness?”

   Remember, creativity is at the heart of happiness, self-fulfillment, successful endeavors and engagements… creativity is the engine that can, will and does deliver personal happiness, business success and an audience that has the will, the need and the means to follow you: follow your flinty creative inspiration, be inspired by your artful relevancy and motivating fuel whether as a business leader, a musician, an actor, a lawyer, a sales leader, a marketing leader or even a painter. Step up and into the arena of creative ideas, on the imagination offense and have no fear. Realize creativity and audience acceptance at work or at home fuels even greater passion, unleashes your artistic capacity, hyper-values your personal mettle causing success in brand building, market and audience creation. All while motivating a following of hungry people with cupidity for more of your brand, more of your creativity in content, product or ideas. Creativity advantages the prepared and highly relevant mind tuned to deliver what their audience pines for, hunts for, demands for every day.

 U R Creative. U R full of stimulating ideas and motivating propositions at home and at work. U R a Champion of making, taking and building opportunity for happiness and success at home, at work and through life. B Creative, as there is no other way. Any questions, just ask the most successful and well known musician, actor, artist, social blogger, business leader, family leader if creativity engines their spirit, their lives, their personal success and happiness. You already know the answer.

As example of my own personal creativity practiced at home over the weekend… to keep my creative thinking, creative juices, creative tuning and relevancy alive and energized please take a listen and look at this musical composition I created in Studio W. I composed this heartfelt piece for a very special colleague whom I highly respect as a great leader, a friend and mentor as a subject matter expert in our business.

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