A New Way to Make your Favorite Seafood at Home Recipes Pop

Popcorn cooking in a Sharp microwave oven in a modern kitchen design.

The microwave is an essential component of any modern-day kitchen. Today’s consumers expect ease of operation as well as functionality, allowing for adequately prepared meals and snacks spanning the “foodie” continuum from popcorn to seafood while blending seamlessly with today’s sleek kitchen designs.

Sharp Home Electronics, a pioneer of microwave ovens, has stepped up to the dinner table with a line of three countertop models, each in an easy-to-clean, stainless steel finish. Each Orville Redenbacher® compatible microwave oven is equipped with one-touch key presets, from 30 seconds to six minutes, plus an Auto Defrost option and Sharp’s Carousel turntable system.  Designed as the perfect partner for Orville Redenbacher’s® microwave popcorn, these full-featured, premium microwave ovens come in three spacious sizes, boasting rapid reheating and allowing for multi-faceted cooking capabilities.

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