5 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey in a pan on an induction cooktop.

The colder months are for doubling down on cozy clothes and comfort foods. Now that Halloween has passed and we are swapping costumes for sweatpants, it is time to start planning for the upcoming holidays. And if you’re anything like me, you can never be overprepared and the prep work has already started. Preparation is the key to a successful holiday season.

As we dive into holidays, it is important to have some trusty tips in your back pocket. With a mile-long to-do list, reliable advice can make the process a breeze! The first holiday to tackle this season is Thanksgiving and we have a few suggestions on how to activate feast mode and handle the day like a pro!

Whether it’s your first time hosting Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) or you’re a seasoned vet looking for a way to elevate your hosting game, incorporate these five things to turn your day into the Ultimate Thanksgiving Celebration. If you try any of these tips out this holiday, incorporate them into your hosting events to elevate each one!

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Prepare Ample Seating Arrangements

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Once you have your RSVPs back and determined a headcount for the day of, it is time to create a seating arrangement that will fit all your guests. If needed, bring in extra folding tables and chairs to make room for your company.

While creating the seating layout, plan to have a few extra seats on hand. There could be a last-minute change of plans for guests and they may seek a meal at your dinner party. Welcome them with open arms and have a seat ready for them. This could be adding a few extra chairs to the existing tables or having some on stay-by nearby.


Set the Table the Night Before

a dinner table set with plates and utensils and decorated with fall items

The day of Thanksgiving will be a little hectic between food prep and handling the inflow of guests (and the nonstop messages in the morning about last-minute details). To make the day a little smoother, set up the table and seating arrangements the night before. Lay out your plates, silverware, and any decor you like on Thanksgiving Eve. Setting up the little details the day before, like setting the table, gives you more time to focus on the food and guests during the day of the feast.



Plan out Entertainment little girl making thanksgiving day craft of turkey

Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving differently. For some, the day is technology free and electronics are away. Others may race to the TV to bond over watching the football game or parade. If your crowd is competitive and the weather permits, head outside for a Turkey Trot or a football game of your own. Is your crowd creative? Create a craft for everyone to enjoy! If your interests and ages range among your guests, have an array of options for them to choose from. Plan your entertainment around the interests of your guests, and remember to have fun!


Create an Irresistible Menu and Prep Ahead

spiral ham in Sharp Oven SWA3052One suggestion for having a successful Thanksgiving meal is to stick to tried and true recipes. Do you have a dish that guests rave about? Bring it out and show it off! Others may be a little more daring and willing to try new recipes. This could be the perfect time to test out that recipe you’ve been eyeing and get instant feedback from the crowd. If you’re opting for a Thanksgiving without turkey, try this mouthwatering Spiral Ham or Prime Rib recipe! No matter which dishes you are going to be serving, try to make as much as you can ahead of time!



Have To-Go Boxes Handy

It is better to be overprepared rather than underprepared, and if you takman holding out to go tinse this saying seriously, especially when it comes to food, there is always going to be extra food. There is often a ton of food left after everyone has finished their seconds (and thirds and fourths) and just squeezes in some dessert. While the piles of food left over may look like no one had anything to eat, our full stomachs would say otherwise. Having leftovers on hand is great, but it is better to spread the joy among the guests.

Having containers easily accessible for guests is a great way to encourage them to take some of the leftovers off your plate. If you’re looking for a great way to send guests home with food, opt for disposable cupcake tins. Guests can add their food to each section and pop the tin into the oven to heat it up (shoutout to Brunch with Babs for this game-changing idea)! Be sure to keep some for yourself, too!

What are some things you do to prep for the holiday season? Let us know if you try any of these tips and tricks, or have any of your own,  on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok by tagging us and using #SharpHome!

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