First Apartment Must-Haves for the Recent Grad

Graduation season is upon us, which brings excitement and the opportunity for new grads to start planning a move to a new apartment. If you are a recent graduate, congratulations!

Moving into your first apartment is a huge milestone and an opportunity to make space truly your own. Long gone are the days of dorm rooms and pre-furnished college housing. Now is a chance to reflect on your design aesthetic, while still staying within a tight budget many recent college grads are confined to.

Below I have compiled a few of my favorite must-haves for a first apartment, giving you the necessary inspiration you need when cultivating a mature and well put together space.

Incorporate an Area Rug

bed room rug

A quick and easy way to transform a new apartment into a home is by adding in a colorful printed area rug. This is what I told myself when I moved into my new apartment (as I purchased 4 of them in one day). I have noticed bright Aztec-print inspired area rugs popping up everywhere lately, and it has quickly become one of my favorite design trends. These rugs will brighten up any space and reflect a fun environment and hide any unwanted scratches from moving in your new furniture.

Build Up Your Gallery Wall


One of my all-time favorite design trends is a gallery wall. When placed in a living or bedroom, a gallery wall gives anyone the perfect way to express their design aesthetic. What’s great about a gallery wall is it’s 100% customizable, and as a bonus, you can swap out prints every few months when you want to change up your space! When I was first building out my collection, to say I was overwhelmed is an understatement.

I found that when I printed a few pictures out each week, this type of project became much more manageable. After all, you need to make sure that all of your loved ones get a unique feature on the wall of fame.

Bring in the Microwave Oven

popcorn popping in microwave

A microwave oven is the ultimate must-have for any new apartment. Odds are you will be reheating a lot of leftovers those first few months of living in your new apartment, so a trustworthy microwave oven is an absolute essential. We love a microwave oven that we can trust when heating my favorite snacks as well; that’s why I use my Orville Redenbacher’s Carousel Model. This model provides the ultimate popcorn experience, perfect is you are a snack lover like us!

I know that I am an affluent frozen food connoisseur and I am always looking for new tasty snacks to quickly heat up, make sure to share your favorite microwave oven friendly recipe with us on Instagram by tagging @SharpHomeUSA and using the hashtag #SharpHome.

Have any other tips for the first apartment essentials? Let us know on Facebook @SharpHomeUSA.

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