Is a Double Wall Oven Worth It?

SHARP Built-In Double Wall Oven in kitchen

I’m sure we have all heard the phrase “two is better than one” at some point. I’ve heard it when talking about problem-solving, desserts, and even relationships. But why does it have to stop there? Simple answer, it doesn’t! It can also apply to our built-in household appliances. Have you ever considered the benefits of having a double wall oven? I grew up with the misconception that they were only for professional chefs. It wasn’t until I became an adult and I started learning more about them than I realized they are for everyone with a kitchen. We can all feel like professional chefs within the comfort of our own homes with the help of some delicious recipes and trustworthy appliances.  

I grew up with a large immediate and extended family, and my mom loved hosting all holidays at our home. A lot of people mean a lot of hungry mouths to feed. On the day-to-day, it was always a struggle for my mom to cook meals with multiple dishes in our kitchen because she only had one oven, so we usually had large one-dish meals, such as lasagna, for dinner. For bigger occasions when our whole family came over, my home kitchen turned into a restaurant kitchen, and my siblings and I were now the chefs and food runners.  

Given our limited cooking space and single oven, my mom would send us kids over to our neighbors’ homes to use their ovens. We would sit in their kitchen until the dish was ready and quickly walk back to our house so our guests could enjoy the warm dish prepared in our neighbor’s oven. While it was nice to get fresh air, it was a hassle to walk back and forth and miss out on valuable family time.  

As I get older and begin to picture and build my dream kitchen, a Sharp European Convection Built-In Double Wall Oven has become a must-have and worth every penny. Why? Stay tuned to find out!  


Cook at 2 Different Temperatures Simultaneously  

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How do you plan what to make and when? Personally, I like to group and plan it out by temperature. If I have to cook a few dishes at 350 degrees and a few more at 425 degrees, I will first cook the 350-degree dishes and then increase the temperature to cook the remaining items. With a single oven, I had to wait to cook at two different temperatures given that it can only be set to one temperature at a time. With a double wall oven, you can control the temperature of each individual oven, meaning you can set each oven to a different temperature at the same time!

In the Sharp Built-In Double Wall Oven, you can cook a pizza for dinner at 425 degrees in one oven and muffins for dessert at 350 degrees in the other! With separate controls, you are able to control the temperature of each oven to fit your needs. The temperatures can be set using the same LCD display! The easy-to-use controls will have you cooking your favorite dishes in no time. The cooking possibilities are endless with double the cooking space and flexible cooking temperatures.


Cook More at The Same Time 

Cookies being made in a SHARP Built-In Double Wall Oven

Have you ever been in the kitchen cooking multiple things at once and had to play a waiting game? I have found myself sitting around my kitchen waiting for one thing to finish cooking so I can place the next dish into my single oven. I would sit there wishing I could cook more at once to increase my productivity and save time. Luckily, with two ovens, you have double the room to cook! I find myself preparing a lot of food at once when I’m meal prepping or baking, and the double wall oven has helped me cut down on the time I spend sitting around waiting.  

During the holiday season, cookie swaps are extremely common, and my family and friends are no strangers to this exchange. I love gathering and tasting the different treats everyone has worked hard on. When I ask how long everyone spent in the kitchen baking, the times range from 3 to 12 hours! For some (myself included), it is a dawn to dusk activity. Why does it take so long? The recurring theme is the limited oven space. People are only able to cook one, maybe two, trays of cookies at one time! Can you imagine how many cookies you can make at once with TWO ovens? I’d have more cookies and time than I would know what to do with!   


Dual Purpose

Grandmother with her Granddaughter in the kitchen with a cooked turkey on the counter


One of my favorite things is a plate full of warm food. There is a sense of comfort associated with it and the taste is out of this world. I run into the issue of cold food frequently around the holidays when I am preparing a large meal for multiple people and am struggling to cook multiple items at once in just one oven. I used to resort to cooking most of my dishes the day before an event and try to reheat it all in one oven and a microwave the following day when I needed it. The most common time for this was around Thanksgiving. 

Have you prepared a turkey for a Thanksgiving feast? It is recommended to roast a turkey at 350 degrees and allow it to cook for 13 minutes per pound if it is unstuffed and 15 minutes per pound if it is stuffed. That means we are looking at over 3 hours for a 15-pound turkey! With just one oven, I’ve had to plan my entire cooking schedule around the preparation of the turkey. I had to get up early in the morning and cook my other dishes ahead of time but I always felt overwhelmed wondering if the food was going to be finished in time for dinner and if it was all going to be warm.

Not only can you use a built-in double wall oven to cook more, but you can reheat your dishes. While that turkey is slowly roasting to perfection, you are able to keep your other items warm in the other oven! No more cold dishes and nervous sweats.  The double wall oven will heat your dishes so you don’t have to worry. The time saved can be put towards socializing, cooking more food, or more beauty sleep!  

A double wall oven is an appliance I didn’t know I needed until I saw it in action and learned about its amazing features. I’ve learned to love cooking even more because of it and feel like a culinary expert in my kitchen!  Is a double wall oven worth it? In my opinion, I wouldn’t want a kitchen without it! If you own a double wall oven and love it as much as we do, we would love to see it and what you make with it! Share your experience with us on social media using #SharpHome. 

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