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Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting process as you customize it in the unique way you want. Have you dreamed about what you want the backsplash and cabinets to look like? Maybe you pictured marble countertops, but have you considered what appliances you want? It is your time to turn your wants and dreams into your reality and you should have the perfect cooktop to match. There are gas, induction, and radiant cooktops on the market so how do you decide which one is best for you? If you’re like me, you might be considering the pros and cons of a radiant cooktop. Before building your dream kitchen, it is important to learn about the different products to ensure you’re getting the appliance that best suits your needs and lifestyle. 

When it came time to pick a new cooktop for myself, I didn’t know what or how to choose. After years of cooking with gas, I came across a radiant cooktop and immediately knew I needed it in my kitchen. Before deciding what cooktop to get, I considered the pros and cons of a radiant cooktop. I gathered as much information as I could to make sure I was getting the appliance that checked all the boxes on my list. I found the Sharp 30 Inch Drop-In Radiant Cooktop and knew my dream kitchen would not be complete without it. Is a radiant cooktop the missing piece in your kitchen remodel? It was in mine!  

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Spaghetti and sauce being prepared on a Sharp Radiant Cooktop.

What is a Radiant Cooktop? 

I grew up with a gas range cooktop, so when I began my search I had a lot to learn about what the other cooktops had to offer and how they operated. The one that piqued my interest was the radiant cooktop. Radiant cooktops use metal coils below the surface. The heat radiates through the surface in the cooking zone and heats the cookware placed on top of the burner. There are different cooking zones that are individually controlled by the panel. 

Radiant cooktops have a sleek, flat surface and finish.  Because it is a built-in appliance, you have flexibility on where you want to place it. A radiant cooktop can be installed on a counter or an island and with flexible installation, you can maximize your kitchen design and experience!


Radiant Cooktop Control Panel

Advantages of a Radiant Cooktop 

  • Keeps the Kitchen Cool

    • I enjoy cooking but I always find myself sweating while I am in the kitchen. The heat from my appliance doesn’t just heat the cookware, but my whole kitchen!  A radiant cooktop directly transfers the heat to the cookware so the kitchen stays cool while you cook.
  • Temperature Control

    • On a radiant cooktop, the user can control and set the temperature for each individual burner. With levels to choose from, you can maximize your cooking experience for even and consistent cooking. If you are cooking delicate soups, sauces, or chocolate, you may opt to use the precise low power option.
  • Easy Cleanup

    • Because of the smooth surface, a radiant cooktop allows for quick and easy clean-up. You have full access to the range without needing to remove any grates. If you accidentally make a mess on the cooktop while cooking, wait until the surface has cooled and wiped it down! It’s as easy as that. After each use, the cooktop can be quickly wiped down so your kitchen can be kept in pristine condition at all times. 
  • No Open Flame

    • If you have little kids with wandering hands or are cautious of open flames, a radiant cooktop might be the perfect option for you! An advantage of a radiant cooktop is its ability to heat pots and pans without a flame. The cookware is heated through the surface so there is no need to worry about an open flame in your dream kitchen.
  • Double Heater Capacity

    • A double heater capacity is great for larger pots and pans, so when you are cooking with larger cookware, you are sure to get an even distribution of heat! My Sharp Radiant Cooktop has the Bridge Heater feature and it is my favorite part! This unique filter synchronizes the two left cooking zones to accommodate larger cookware, such as griddles, grill pans, and custom cookware for your most elaborate entertaining. This is perfect for when I want to make pancakes on a griddle!

There are so many advantages of a radiant cooktop that I had a hard time picking my top 5! What is your favorite part?


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Disadvantages of a Radiant Cooktop 

  • Cooling Times

    • A radiant cooktop gets hot and heats the surface quickly. The cooling process of the surface is not immediate and takes a few minutes to cool down. Luckily, radiant cooktops have a light that indicates that the surface is still hot. When the light turns off, the appliance has indicated that the surface is no longer hot and should be cool to the touch. This feature is great to ensure that we are not touching a hot surface!
  • Not Usable During Power Outage

    • Because a radiant cooktop relies on electricity to operate, it is unable to run when the power goes out. I have yet to experience a power outage with my cooktop. In the event that I lose power, I have a generator in my home to ensure I can keep my lights, refrigerator, and cooktop working!


Why Should Every Kitchen Have a Sharp Radiant Cooktop?

A Sharp Cooktop adds power, beauty, and versatility to your dream kitchen. The black mirror finish of the glass surface matches modern appliances, while precise temperature control with touch-glass controls for each of the four cooking zones provides the convenience you can count on.

Enjoy the convenience of a stove cooktop without installing a full range. From simmering to boiling, the settings and features of Sharp electric cooktops help meet your every need. Plus, standalone cooktops provide versatility to your kitchen design since they can be placed in an island or anywhere along a countertop to compliment your wall oven or provide additional cook space.

If you’re looking for a sleek cooktop to take your dream kitchen to the next level, a radiant cooktop may be your answer! If you have a Sharp Radiant Cooktop, we would love to see how you incorporate it into your kitchen design! Share your favorite Sharp appliance or recipe with us on social media by using #SharpHome.

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The Sharp® 30-inch SCR3042FB Radiant Electric Cooktop adds power, beauty, and versatility to your dream kitchen. The black mirror finish of the glass surface matches modern appliances, while precise temperature control with touch-glass controls for each of the four cooking zones provide convenience you can count on. The magnetic stainless steel side accessories included with the cooktop are dishwasher safe and a convenient place to rest spoons, ladles, spatulas along with pots and pans.

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