Ways to Save Energy in the Kitchen

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I get a rush of excitement every time I save money. I love the way I feel – even if it’s $1. One of the first things I do when I leave a store is look at the bottom of the receipt to see my savings. When I shop online, I search the internet for hours looking for promo codes just to get a good deal. Watching the price of my cart drop right before my eyes is a feeling that never gets old.

That great feeling shouldn’t, and doesn’t, have to end with shopping trips. I started looking at my monthly bills and realized I could be saving more money with a few adjustments in my home. I started focusing on saving energy in the kitchen with a few easy tips and tricks. My energy bill has decreased and that great feeling has increased!

Over the last few months, I have been slowly adjusting my habits in the kitchen and have noticed a big difference. The little things add up and make a big difference. I’ve created a list of techniques that have helped me save energy in the kitchen so you can start your energy conservation journey with me! Learn how something as simple as unplugging your toaster can make a difference. What are your favorite tips and tricks to save energy? Share them with us on social media using #SharpHome.


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Keep the Door Closed

I used to stand in front of the refrigerator and look at everything in there before I made a decision to grab anything. I didn’t realize how much cool air I was letting out each time I stood there with the door wide open. The fridge would have to work extra to get back to that cooler temperature. Before I open the refrigerator door, I make sure I have a game plan and know what to grab. It is better to open and close the door each time you need an item than to keep it open!

This kitchen energy conservation tip also applies to your oven! I love to peek inside to see how my dish is doing, but I used to open the oven door to check on its progress. Opening the oven door lets cool air into the hot oven. The oven then has to work harder, which uses more energy, to replace the heat lost. Now, I use the light and look through the viewing window to check in on my dish.


Use Small Appliances

If you are reheating or cooking a small amount of food, try using your microwave oven instead of your wall oven! I love to use my Sharp Smart Countertop Microwave when reheating or cooking small dishes. When I use my microwave, I can say “Alexa, reheat dinner plate” or “Alexa, cook shrimp” and my dish begins to cook! Not only does it take the guesswork out of cooking and reheating meals, using my microwave eliminates the need to use a wall oven. According to Scientific American, you can save up to 80% of energy when you prepare a dish in the microwave instead of the oven!



Manage the Load

Sharp Dishwasher being loaded by woman and sonBefore I updated my kitchen and made adjustments to conserve energy, I would run my dishwasher at the end of every night on its regular cycle. It did not matter whether the dishwasher was full or only had a few dishes, I wanted to have clean dishes ready for me when I woke up in the morning.  While I love waking up to clean dishes, it wasn’t energy efficient. With my old dishwasher, it did not matter if it was full or half full, the dishwasher still used the same amount of water and energy to clean the dishes. Because I wanted to conserve more energy, I started running the dishwasher only when it was full.

When I was searching for a new dishwasher, I wanted something that worked with me and my lifestyle. I loved (and missed) my routine of loading and running the dishwasher at night and waking up to clean dishes. I knew I had to have the Sharp Slide-in Stainless Steel Dishwasher when I saw it had a Half-Load Feature! On nights when I have smaller loads, I use this feature to reduce water and energy consumption. Now, I can choose from one of the six washing cycles and seven options to fit my routine all while saving more energy in the kitchen!


Coffee Machine with two cups sitting on wooden table

Unplug When You Can

Do you have a toaster or coffee maker plugged in and sitting on your counter? On average, I use my coffee machine for 10 minutes each day. For the other 1,430 minutes in the day, it sits on the counter, plugged in, and uses electricity. And the toaster? I use the toaster once a week for 5 minutes. For years, I left these small appliances plugged in all day every day, even though they were only getting used 0.7% of the week!

Even though the appliances were only being used 75 minutes throughout the entire week, they were still using energy because they were plugged in. Unplug your countertop appliances when you are not using them as a quick and easy way to save energy in the kitchen!


pots and pans cooking food on an induction cooktop

Switch to Induction Cooktop

Are you building your dream kitchen and looking for ways to increase your energy conservation in the kitchen? Save energy in your kitchen by switching your appliances. Newer appliances tend to be more energy-efficient than older models. One of my favorite energy-efficient appliances is the induction cooktop. According to Energy Star, induction cooktops are around 5-10% more efficient than conventional electric units and about 3 times more efficient than gas. Prepare delicious meals, clean with ease, and save energy with a switch to induction.

What makes an induction cooktop more energy-efficient than conventional electric and gas units? Induction cooktops heat the pot or pan directly! Cooking with induction is also faster than cooking with other units.

Let us know your favorite ways to save energy in the kitchen by using #SharpHome on social media!

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