What is a Chimney Hood?

SHARP Range Hood with lights on in a white kitchen

Some of my greatest memories as a kid come from being in the kitchen with my mom. I loved following her around and helping her when I could. I learned so much at a young age just watching and repeating everything she did. Every time we would cook on the stove, she would emphasize the importance of turning the fans in the chimney hood on. Without hesitation, I turned the range hood on. Turning the fans in the chimney range hoods became an instinct and now I don’t even think twice about it.

The other day I was in my kitchen cooking and instantly reached to turn the chimney cooker hood on. I paused for a minute and began questioning. Why do I have to turn it on? What is a chimney cooker hood? How does a chimney cooker hood work? I was programmed from a young age to do it because I was told to, but I never really understood why.

After learning more about the Sharp 30 in. Wall Mount Chimney Range Hood, I knew any kitchen I was going to have would not be complete without it. Is a range hood the missing piece in your dream kitchen? It’s an appliance I can’t live without!


SHARP Range Hood with lights on in a kitchen

What is a Chimney Hood?

A chimney hood is a kitchen appliance that is installed over the stove. The appliance provides ventilation for your kitchen as clears the air of unwanted cooking odors and irritating smoke while you’re cooking. Steam, airborne grease, and other particles are filtered out to provide cleaner air in the kitchen. Cooking fumes are extracted out of the air and either sent outdoors using a ducted vent or recirculated into the air. This appliance’s main job is to remove harmful particles in the kitchen while you cook to ensure you’re taking in fresh, clean air!

Chimney range hoods are a must-have in any kitchen, especially for those with breathing issues. My husband has asthma and used to have a difficult time breathing when he cooked. Once he learned that the chimney hood wasn’t just a decor piece and could be used, he noticed a difference immediately. He was able to breathe easier in the kitchen and also saw a difference in the temperature of the kitchen. When he used the hood, the air was cleaner and the kitchen was cooler.


SHARP Range Hood in a white kitchen

How Do Chimney Cooker Hoods Work?

That big piece of metal mounted to the wall or ceiling above the stove can be a little intimidating. While it may look complicated from afar, they are easy to use and easier to understand! The hood sits above the stove and uses a mechanical fan or a series of fans to provide ventilation. When you are using your cooktop, turn on the hood fan and let it go to work.

Most chimney cooker hoods redirect the air from the kitchen to the outdoors using a vent. For kitchens that are unable to have ductless venting, you can still use a range hood! For hoods that are unable to redirect the air using a vent, the air is recirculated back into the kitchen. In both, grease and other particles go through filters to rid the air of unwanted airborne pollutants. No matter what kind of kitchen you have, you can have a range hood!

A chimney range hood is a great option for people who plan on using their stoves. I have really sensitive smoke detectors in my home, so whenever I cook no matter how big or small the dish is, I always turn on the fans in the range. I once cooked bacon on my cooktop and forgot to turn on the fans. I spent minutes afterward trying to fan the smoke detector with a dish towel to turn it off. It was at that moment that I knew why my mother emphasized turning on the range fans.


SHARP Range Hood installed into a kitchen

Why Does My Kitchen Need a Sharp Chimney Range Hood?

When I was finished putting together my dream kitchen, I knew I was missing something but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I was using my stove for the first time and I heard my mother’s voice say “make sure you always turn on the fan in the range hood when you’re using the stove.” I reached my hand up and that’s when it hit me: I forgot to install a chimney range hood. I quickly searched the Internet high and low for the perfect fit in my kitchen when I stumbled upon the Sharp 30 in. Wall Mount Chimney Range Hood. Within days, it was installed and my dream kitchen was complete.

Along with the beautiful and sleek look of the stainless-steel finish, I am obsessed with its features! I’ve decided to share my top 3:

  • LED Task Lighting

    • I can never have too much light in the kitchen. This chimney range hood provides ample lighting so I can see everything that is cooking on my stovetop! The bright LED lighting allows me to see everything perfectly.
  • 15-Minute Delay Off Timer

    • I can’t even begin to count the number of times I have forgotten to turn off the fans with my old range hoods. I would be sitting on the couch and hear the fans in the hood running hours after I finished cooking. With my Sharp Range Hood, I don’t have to worry! Not only are the fans quiet, but after 15 minutes, the fans will automatically turn off.
  • Dishwasher Safe Filters

    • While I love cooking, I hate the mess it can make! Cleaning has always been a struggle for me. With these dishwasher-safe filters,  I’ve never loved cleaning more. I simply take the filters out, place them in my dishwasher, and run the cycle. When the cycle is finished, the filters are looking brand new! I no longer have to purchase new ones and I can use the money and time I save with these dishwasher-safe filters with my family.

Not only do chimney range hoods look great, but they can help keep your kitchen safe and clean. In my opinion, any kitchen with a stove should have a range hood. If you’re looking to take your kitchen to the next level, the Sharp 30 in. Wall Mount Chimney Range Hood may be the answer! Share your kitchen designs with us on social media using #SharpHome.

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