What to Look for When Buying a Fridge

SJG2351 Sharp Fridge

Appliance shopping is easy and stress-free when you know exactly what you’re looking for. I went shopping for a fridge and had no idea where or how to start. All  I knew was I wanted a refrigerator that could hold all my food and keep it cold, but did not know what else to look for when buying a fridge. Before beginning my search, my husband and I sat down to create a list of all the things we wanted and needed in a refrigerator.

We broke it down into 5 major categories. I kept these five things in mind when I was shopping for a new refrigerator and I walked away confident and proud in my purchase. The list made shopping easy and stress-free. When people ask how we weren’t overwhelmed by the purchase and what looked for when buying a new fridge I told them these five things! Find the right for you and your home with these helpful tips!


Sharp fridge SJG2351 in lifestyle kitchen

1. Measurements

Before I began looking at different refrigerators on the market, I measured the space I wanted the appliance to go in. Knowing your space is the most important thing when purchasing a new appliance. Not only did I want the refrigerator to fit in the spot, but I also wanted to make sure I could open the doors! Knowing the size and measurements of the space helped me narrow down and begin my search. The last thing I wanted was to purchase a fridge and wonder if it would fit in my kitchen!



SHARP refrigerator with hand on it to show stainless steel finish

2. Finish

Are your current appliances white, black, or stainless steel? When I was looking for a new fridge, I was in the process of updating my entire kitchen. I had a mix of all three finishes and wanted a more cohesive look. I knew I wanted stainless steel appliances because I love their sleek look and how easy they are to clean. I chose the Sharp French 4-Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator with Water Dispenser and am obsessed with how polished and beautiful it looks in my kitchen! Not only does it look beautiful, but it is easy to clean. Smudges and fingerprints on my appliances are a thing of the past. With a quick wipe down, my refrigerator looks brand new. Opt for a finish that you love to tie your whole kitchen together.


3. Capacity

One of the most important things to me when looking for a new fridge was the capacity. While I love to cook, I do not love to go to the grocery store. I try to limit my grocery trips to once a week (and if I’m lucky, I can do one once every two weeks!). I tend to buy a lot of fresh produce and goods that need to be refrigerated, so a large refrigerator was a must! I have very few frozen items so I wanted an appliance that had more refrigerator storage than freezer storage.

containers of food being put in a fridge drawer


If you are like me and love big grocery hauls with fresh produce, a refrigerator with a large capacity might be on your list! Knowing your food habits helps to determine the capacity you need. When I was in college, I was fueled by take-out and frozen dinners, so I didn’t mind refrigerators with limited capacity. Now that my habits have changed, I needed an appliance to match my needs. My new refrigerator has a total capacity of 21.6 cu. ft. between the refrigerator, freezer, and flex drawer and is perfect for me and my family!

SHARP refrigerator in a kitchen with wooden cabinets and black counters

4. Freezer Style

There are 3 main freezer options you may come across when you are looking for a new refrigerator: side-by-side, bottom-freezer, and top-freezer. Because I use my refrigerator so frequently, I knew I wanted to have that as the main focus. All of the shelves in my fridge are at eye level and I can see everything in there perfectly. Once I determined this, I narrowed my search, even more, to focus on French doors. From my experience, I have found the French-Door refrigerator with a bottom-freezer to be the most functional and space-saving.

vegetable in the crisper drawer

5. Features

After narrowing down the basics I wanted in a refrigerator, such as the capacity and finish, it was time for the fun stuff! Features are what really set appliances apart. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, so I wanted to make sure I had a fridge I was in love with and exceed all my needs. I needed one with a water dispenser, a flex drawer, and adjustable shelves. My Sharp Refrigerator has all 3 and has elevated my kitchen experience!

My favorite feature that sold me on the Sharp SJG2254FS was the flex drawer and triple cooling system! The triple cooling system allows me to independently control the refrigerator, drawers, and ice maker for greater flexibility and better efficiency. The flex drawer is perfect for my fast-paced and ever-changing lifestyle. I can set the temperature to 30°F to store meat or 37°F to store deli items. I tend to host guests frequently so I usually set it to 41°F to chill wine to perfection.

Looking for a new fridge comes with its challenges but make it easier by using these tips! What are the most important things you look for when buying a fridge? Share your ideas with us on social media using #SharpHome.


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