5 Things to Clean for a Fresh Kitchen

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Welcome back to the heart of the home – the kitchen! Today, we’re diving into the art of refreshing our culinary sanctuaries with five fabulous cleaning tips that will leave your kitchen gleaming.

There’s something truly magical about a sparkling kitchen that invites creativity and nourishment. With every wipe of the cloth and sweep of the broom, we’re not just cleaning; we’re crafting an environment that fosters joy and culinary inspiration.

So, join me as we explore simple yet effective ways to elevate our kitchen spaces, making them not just functional, but truly delightful havens for culinary adventures.

Are you ready to infuse your kitchen with a dose of sparkle and magic? Let’s dive in!

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Declutter Your Pantry

First things first, let’s tackle the heart of your kitchen – the pantry. Embrace the KonMari method and declutter your pantry by removing expired items, organizing shelves, and creating a systematic order for your ingredients. Invest in stylish containers and labels to add a touch of aesthetic appeal while keeping everything easily accessible.

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Refrigerator Resurgence

Clear out expired items, wipe down shelves, and pay special attention to those often neglected nooks and crannies. Consider investing in eco-friendly refrigerator cleaners to ensure a safe and sparkling interior. Once done, organize your groceries neatly for a visually pleasing and efficient setup.

We share 5 of our favorite tips for a cleaner fridge here.


Lemon in a bowl of water sitting in a microwave with lemons.

Microwave Oven

The microwave oven is a kitchen workhorse, but it often bears the brunt of spills and splatters. Begin by placing a bowl of water with a slice of lemon inside and microwaving it for a few minutes. This will loosen any hardened gunk, making it easier to wipe away. Pay attention to the turntable and microwave door for a spotless finish. Your microwave will thank you with every reheated meal!


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Yes, even the appliance designed to clean needs a good cleaning itself. Run an empty cycle with a dishwasher cleaner or a cup of white vinegar to eliminate any buildup of soap scum and mineral deposits. Take a moment to inspect the dishwasher’s filter and clean it if necessary. A clean dishwasher helps ensure your dishes come out sparkling every time.

Click here to get a full breakdown of how to clean a dishwasher.


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Oven + Cooktop

The oven, a symbol of warmth and nourishment, deserves special attention in your quest for kitchen cleanliness. After each use, wipe down spills and splatters to prevent baked-on messes. For stubborn stains, create a paste of baking soda and water and let it work its magic overnight. Regularly clean the oven racks and interior to maintain optimal cooking conditions and prevent smoke and odors from permeating your kitchen. Your culinary creations will thank you for the pristine baking environment!



Bonus: Clean as You Go

In the world of kitchen maintenance, consistency is key. Set aside dedicated time each week to clean your appliances. Wipe down surfaces with a gentle cleanser to remove any grease or grime buildup. For stainless steel appliances, a simple mixture of vinegar and water works wonders, leaving behind a streak-free shine. Embrace the power of routine, and your appliances will thank you with years of reliable service.

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