All About the Sharp TwinTouch Commercial Microwave Oven

Sharp TwinTouch Commercial Microwave Oven

In the commercial cooking industry, it is common knowledge that our equipment in the kitchen needs to be built to last. There is nothing more inconvenient than equipment breaking down in the middle of a busy weekend, other than being unable to find a replacement before the next shift starts. High-quality equipment that is built to meet our rugged commercial standards builds a life-long reputation throughout the industry for generations.

Built for durability and easy maintenance, Sharp’s RCD1200M, RCD1800M, and RCD2200M Heavy-Duty Commercial TwinTouch Microwave Ovens are ideal for the high-volume needs of fast food or full-service restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and cafeterias. Each unit features TwinTouch™ dual control panels that are easy to reach, whether you place the microwave on a high or low shelf. Why is this important, you might ask? Improved accessibility is critical to boosting efficiency and productivity in your kitchen while also increasing safety protocol and reducing risk. The placement of control panels at the top of many other commercial microwave ovens in the market makes it difficult for many staff members in the kitchen to reach quickly and efficiently. But with the Sharp TwinTouch, that is no longer an issue.

Sharp TwinTouch commercial microwave ovens were designed in response to concerns over both the functionality and the safety of today’s kitchens. Even when ovens in your kitchen are positioned high on a counter or stacked, the unique TwinTouch dual control panel operation allows accurate, easy operation by virtually all personnel, regardless of height. That means a faster turnaround time for your employees in the kitchen.

This commercial microwave line’s compact footprint allows for the unit to take up less space, yet the larger interior capacity of 0.75 cu. ft. fits one 1/2-size pan in either direction or two 1/3-size pans. This internal capacity capability allows more food to be cooked in a given amount of time, thus increasing your kitchen’s productivity.

Having advanced, feature-packed equipment in your kitchen can simplify your staff’s day-to-day workflow in the kitchen. A dream come true, right? The TwinTouch commercial microwave oven line includes ten pre-programmed memory pads that easily convert up to 100 memories. These can be programmed manually for particular needs or times  4-Stage Programming allows you to program in 4 stages with different power levels and cooking time. Not to mention that the Double/Triple Quantity Pads automatically adjust to provide optimum heating times for two or three portions. At the same time, self-diagnostics, auto voltage sensors, and interior exhaust fans help improve the unit’s lifespan.

Built for durability and simple maintenance, all TwinTouch commercial microwave ovens feature tempered glass on the inside of the door, making these models an ideal solution for the hustle and bustle of busy kitchens.  Each model also includes a trigger switch handle to help minimize door latch failures and unwanted tension to your kitchen equipment. Simply squeeze the trigger switch handle on the microwave oven to smoothly open the door.

Microwave Ovens are one of the most essential parts of any foodservice operation. Ensure that yours is from a brand you can trust for high-quality performance in your kitchen.

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