Kitchen Island Trends

Sharp Microwave Drawer in a kitchen island

Kitchen islands have undergone a total transformation and are now essential in the kitchen for cooking and entertaining. A few years ago, kitchen islands mainly included cabinets for storage, a few high-top seats, and gas cooktops on the counter. Today, they are much more modern with a sleek, minimalistic approach. Appliances like Sharp Microwave Drawer Ovens, under-the-counter refrigerators, and Sharp Induction Cooktops can help achieve that look providing both function and style into your space.

Pros and Cons of Installing /Revamping an Island 

Pros: A kitchen island can provide more countertop space, a gathering place when entertaining, additional storage and seating, and appliances like a microwave, dishwasher, or wine fridge.

Cons: Kitchen islands can be expensive to install ​and under-designed.  Modern kitchen islands need central access to sufficient electricity to power all of the convenient appliances housed there.  Islands with modular frames and removable panels make it easier to install and replace components for a future-proof kitchen.  Secondary dishwashers and wine coolers may be easily replaced with a Sharp Microwave DrawerOven / pedestal combo. Still, proper design in a kitchen island could make having a second oven just as easy.

Must-Have Features

kitchen with Sharp built-in microwave drawer

We would definitely recommend including a built-in appliance or two. For example, countertop microwaves can look bulky and take up some major real estate. The Sharp Built-In Microwave Drawer Oven is the perfect solution to achieve a minimalist, modern-looking kitchen without compromising the most time-saving appliance in the kitchen! With various models, including IoT and easy-wave-open technology, there is sure to be a microwave that is perfect for your needs.

Additionally, the Sharp Induction Cooktops are a beautiful way to incorporate more cooking surface onto your island. This European black mirror finish cooktop not only looks sleek; it also has some major cooking benefits. Induction cooktops are up to 90% efficient… converting almost all of the electricity into heat for cooking.  While gas cooktops are only about 40-55% efficient, heating your kitchen just as much as your cookware.  It is more efficient, loaded with safety features, and environmentally friendly for you and your family.

An island can be incorporated into any kitchen that has ample space. Even small kitchens can benefit from the placement of a tailored, well thought out island!

Things To Consider Before Committing to a New or Improved Island

Homeowners should consider their kitchen’s look and feel when incorporating an island to keep the space consistent.

It would be best if you also kept your sight-lines top-of-mind.  Although there are many shapes and styles, kitchen islands most often have 4 sides.  So not all of your appliances need to be lined up against your walls for everyone to see.  You can conceal microwave ovens and wall ovens on the “Chef’s side” and keep storage and decorative elements on the side facing out.  If a grand kitchen-scape is not a priority for you, the “Family side” of the island can store a mini-fridge for the most frequently used, child-friendly snacks, minimizing how often your family needs to traffic through your kitchen while your busy making dinner.  Busy families may consider putting a second sink on the island to better eye the kids while cleaning.

They also should keep in mind the function of their kitchen island—will it be used mainly for storage and extra counter space, or will it include seats and a bar area? Analyzing your lifestyle and kitchen activities will determine what island design will ultimately be right for you.


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