Kitchen vs. Kitchenette: What is the Difference?

contemporary style kitchen featuring Sharp 24 in appliances

The word “kitchenette” can be confusing. The term may have popped up while apartment hunting or searching for a vacation rental. While every kitchenette looks different, they all share the similarity of being functional and minimal. Being a scaled-down version of a traditional kitchen, mini-kitchens call for creativity when it comes to storage and appliance layout. Let’s take a dive deeper into what separates a kitchenette from a kitchen.

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What is Considered a Kitchenette?

A kitchenette is a smaller, more compact kitchen space. This space contains the necessities for storing and preparing food but does not have all the bells and whistles of a fully-equipped kitchen. A traditional kitchen features cabinetry, counter space, and full-sized appliances, whereas these components are limited in a kitchenette. In this style of cooking space, you may see fewer cabinets, limited counter space, and more compact and versatile appliances.compact minimalist kitchen with sharp appliances on one wall

Kitchenettes may also be referred to as mini-kitchens because they share the same objectives as traditional kitchens but accomplish them differently. Kitchenettes prioritize space without compromising style.

A kitchenette is best for when space is at a premium. Whether you live in a studio apartment or are looking to add cooking space to an in-law suite or a basement man-cave, a mini-kitchen may be best for you. Tiny homes are known for perfecting the minimalist yet practical function and feel of a kitchenette.

What Appliances are in a Kitchenette?

While space is a big factor in differentiating between a kitchen and a kitchenette, the main distinction comes from what is in the space.

For this cooking space, two main things are needed: a place to store the food and a place to cook the food. Kitchenettes, in their barest form, include a refrigerator and microwave. Since there is no set definition for what a kitchenette includes, it is completely customizable to your needs and preferences. Some kitchenettes may include built-in appliances, like a Convection Wall Oven or Superheated Steam Oven, and some may even include a dishwasher. Rather than giving precious space to full-sized appliances, there are appliances that can better fit your area.Sharp Convection Microwave Drawer

Sharp offers an entire 24-inch appliance suite, perfect for those compact cooking spaces. To optimize a minimal and functional kitchenette, incorporate a refrigerator and a versatile cooking appliance, like a convection microwave oven, into your design. Microwave Drawer Ovens are the easiest way to clear up valuable counter space.

Kitchenettes work best when the appliance and storage selection complements the design.

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