Labor Day Celebration Tips

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I don’t want to be the first one to admit it, but summer is starting to come to a close (I’m just as sad as you are). With the children going back to school, and the sun going down earlier and earlier each night I like to take this as a time to reset and re-prioritize my goals. This includes things such as eating better, going to the gym, getting better sleep. However, who says we can’t celebrate the end of summer and the new season by having a Labor Day celebration!

Labor Day is always a significant time as it represents a transition to a new era of the year, but it was formed and created to show appreciation towards the millions of workers and thank them for all their hard work. So why not celebrate with you? I decided to put together this roundup that included budget-friendly tips on how you can put together a little Labor Day celebration while still getting the chance to kick your feet up and relax. After looking through many design boards, reading blogs, and scrolling through social media I have narrowed down my favorites (as I always do) for you to check out and enjoy.

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Go Shopping

Anytime a holiday rolls around, that means one thing. Sales! Need to buy a new appliance or a large item but always get an exciting feeling when you get a bang for your buck? Well, look no further and take advantage of the many Labor Day sales and promotions that retailers across the country are taking part in. According to a poll completed by ABC Columbia, out of the 3,100 adults over the age of 18 surveyed over 86% planned to shop during these promotions.

If you are looking to save money on major home appliances, look no further than Sharp Home USA. With promotions running through the holiday you can save up to $500 on select major appliances. I don’t know about you, but shopping this Labor Day sounds like fun to me.

Not in the market for a big-ticket item, no worries. Feel free to go to your local outlet center, shopping mall, or if you are at home your favorite websites. I am sure that you will find deals that are both satisfying for you and your wallet.


Family enjoying pool around labor day

Enjoy a Pool Day/Beach Day

There is a huge stigma that goes around that on September 1st, bathing suits and beach days are gone and pumpkins are in. Now that’s when I put my foot down and I say wait a minute. Here in the Northeast, looking at the weather forecast we have clear and sunny skies. So how does a nice day by the pool, lake, or in the waves sound? If you belong to a club, have a pool, or live near the water feel free to dip your toes in for one of the last times of the year. And while you are doing it, try not to think about work, school, or whatever you have going on in life. Take this time to relax and de-stress.

Looking for the perfect place to start? Check out our Summertime Beach + Pool Essentials to make sure that you have everything you need to maximize your day. I look forward to seeing it on social!



Try Out This Recipe

If the celebration is centered around everything, sure family and friends are important but let’s face it. We all look for food or recipe to create and to make the night perfect. Simply Better Living is home to many original recipes designed for your Sharp Appliances and offers the perfect amount of ingredients to satisfy your taste buds. After going through the blog researching past delicious recipes (and getting hungry while doing it), I was able to narrow it down giving you the perfect meal for this labor day.

After searching, this inexpensive Sausage and Pepper Lettuce Wraps Recipe is perfect for the entire family and the steps are simple. Even better, the results are worth it.


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Stay Safe

On a final note, there are dozens of activities that you could partake in this Labor Day. The bottom line is that you partake in something you enjoy and that you get to relax before the weather and season around you change. Make sure that while practicing whichever activity that you prioritize yourself and your health first. For more tips and safety options,  check out this Travel Safety Tips and Resources For Your Summer Getaway blog that will be applicable to your situations. Going away for the weekend or keeping it local? These tips will be ideal for you to have a happy, enjoyable, and most importantly safe holiday.


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