What Do the Buttons on My Microwave Mean and How do I Use Them

After reading and looking at the Top 5 Reasons to Buy a New Microwave Oven Now, you have probably been looking through many different retail outlets and online for the perfect option for your home. Over the years, microwave ovens have evolved from the simple aspect of heating food and to much more. After looking at the Sharp Stainless Steel Smart Carousel Countertop Microwave Oven, there is no doubt in my mind that this will be the best cooking tool for your space.

I know what you are probably thinking, “why is this microwave oven better than the other microwaves on the market”? Well, I am going to walk you through some of the new and innovative features, specifically what each button does and how it can improve your day-to-day cooking experience. Movie night and Thanksgiving dinner are about to get a whole lot easier. Picture a nice bowl of perfectly popped popcorn that you asked your microwave to pop (yes, I said that right) while watching one of the newest movies on your favorite streaming platform. Let’s find out how!

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Sharp Microwave Drawer Oven in the Serenbe Model Home

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Wi-Fi Connect Button

Sharp Microwave with Alexa commands

I know what you are thinking, how do the terms Wi-Fi and Microwave interact with one another? Even though this article is about buttons, you may not have to press buttons as much after pressing this one button with Alexa and has over 70+ preset commands to make your night much simpler. Now tell me that isn’t Simply Better Living.

This button will help turn on the Wi-Fi to enable the smart features on your microwave oven and then allow you to try out cooking food in your oven. From phrases such as “Alexa, reheat fish sticks” or “Alexa, reheat pasta.” Are you curious about even more commands? Check out this Sharp Smart Microwave Oven Alexa Command Sheet.

Make a Perfectly Popped Bag of Popcorn

Popcorn Alexa command

Behind each button on the microwave is a story (about what you are about to eat). One of my favorite things to do is sit on a couch with a nice bowl of Orville Redenbacher’s® Gourmet® Popping Corn and binge-watch my favorite Netflix movies. Since movie times at the movie theater have been put to a pause or have been minimal over the past year my living room (as do many other rooms in the house now) has turned into the private movie theater I’ve always wanted. And what do you associate with movies? Popcorn!

This Sharp Microwave has a button labeled “Popcorn, which is specifically tuned to serve up light and fluffy popcorn with the delicious, buttery flavor of Orville Redenbacher’s® Gourmet® Popping Corn to give you that perfect movie theatre quality tasty. Press the Popcorn button and choose between the Classic Size (3.3 oz) or Single Serve Mini Bag (1.16 oz). Is pressing buttons too much work (in this day in age, I wouldn’t blame you), r do you have your hands full? Ask Alexa; she’ll know what to do!

If you want to take it up a notch or you are not much of a movie person, check out this Popcorn Remix Recipe Roundup. Overall, you are just one button away (literally) from a delicious night.

Make Leftovers Taste like Second Helpings

Food in a Sharp Smart Microwave

I cannot tell you how many times I get asked the question “what is sensor cooking and how does it work“?  Many microwave ovens have precise cooking sensor technology that automatically adjusts the cooking time on the microwave to best heat the food or beverage you put inside.  The sensor detects the vapor emitted from the food and makes cooking fast, easy and worry-free.

Once detected, the remaining cooking time will show up on the microwave, and it will cook for the appropriate time. I would’ve found this extremely useful in college instead of texting my mother every 15 seconds asking, “how long to put something in for”. Let the microwave do all the heavy lifting.

Express Cooking

Microwave coffee and popcorn.

The facts are facts; every day I get out of bed and I need a bit of liquid courage to kick start my day (coffee, of course). There are times when I make a cup of coffee before I start my workday, then get distracted by a meeting or a phone call, and by the time I finally take my first few sips, it is already cold. The express cook options, between 1-6 (prescheduled for minutes, respectively), allow you to press one of the number buttons simply, and it will begin. This allows it to cook at 100% power and gives you the ease of convivence.

Even if I am hosting a dinner party or am in the mood for a cappuccino, simply pressing the 1 or 2 button makes it easier to make multiple and ease the process. I love simplicity!

Take the Day out of Defrosting

Auto defrost of Sharp Smart Microwave

The term smart microwave oven is not taken lightly, so when we talk about this microwave oven’s features, we really mean it! There are three different buttons for each food type that will help you auto-defrost your meat, poultry, or seafood on this model oven determines the frost time based on the weight, eliminating the guessing out of it all. You know the drill by now; just ask “Alexa, defrost meat”.

This feature is a favorite of mine because I never remember to take the food out of the freezer in the morning before I start working and only remember at 5:00 pm when it’s time to start making dinner. Talk about Simply Better Living!

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  • Extra-Large, White LED Display Sets the Clock Automatically 
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