Orville Redenbacher and Sharp Team Up to Create the Perfect Microwave for Popcorn

The microwave has presets for two popcorn bag sizes
Orville Redenbacher sells more popcorn that any other company, and Sharp sells more microwaves than any other company, so someone had the very good idea to combine their powers and create a microwave that’s perfectly calibrated to pop a perfect bag of popcorn.
Available in three styles, the microwave looks like any other high-end microwave, with a couple subtle differences. One, after you push the “popcorn” button you’ll be given the option of selecting either the classic-size bag (3.3 ounce) or single-serve bag (1.16 ounces) setting. Extra attention was paid to these calibrations during the development process, so it’ll take the guesswork out of popping popcorn. The largest model even has a “Soften” button that’s ideal for melting butter to drizzle over the popcorn.
Read the full article on The Daily Mail here.

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