Delicious Green/Black Tea Lattes

Pour hot (NOT boiling) milk into Tea container, add powdered tea, close, and insert into the main unit. Unlock and press the Tea pouring lever to pour the tea. Select “LATTE” and press the start button. Fill to level 1 of [Latte] line in the Tea container (about 150ml of milk) for 1 cup. Maximum water level is 3 (for 3 cups). Do NOT use the Water reservoir.
Select “LATTE” and press the start button.
Coop out the foam in Tea container to garnish the tea. Do not use metal spoons that can scratch the container. Cold milk can be used to make iced lattes. Soy milk and Almond milk can be used to make hot and cold Lattes. Whole milk or plain soymilk is recommended. Add preferred amount of sugar, brown sugar, or syrup at step

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