Let’s Taco Bout It

Reheating foods often gets a bad rep, but we find it is one of the best ways to recreate a feast that looks as though it took hours to make. Oftentimes the last thing we want to do on a Friday night is slave over the stove cooking up a meal for our friends and families. That’s why we love making big meals when we have the time and utilizing the leftovers throughout the rest of the week. We find that tacos are one of the best meals to make ahead because they are always a crowd pleaser-and for a good reason! Tacos are the perfect customizable meal and can be made to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

We partnered with our friends over at Food 52 to create a full taco feast from leftovers using our Black Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer. With the help of some cherry ancho mole sauce and pickled onions this recipe is far from the average leftovers meal. So tonight, why not have a little fiesta Friday with these quick and easy tacos (bonus if you pair them with a Matcha Margarita) perfectly reheated in our Microwave Drawer.

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