Fish Tacos with Roasted Corn and Cherry Tomatoes with Spanish Rice and Mango Salsa

Fish Tacos with Roasted Corn and Cherry Tomatoes with Spanish Rice and Mango Salsa being prepared.

One of my favorite summertime meals from the grill is fish tacos. I’m rarely successful flipping the fish without it breaking up and having some of it fall through the grate, but I like cooking fish outside, so it doesn’t smell up my kitchen. And yes, I’ve tried the grill basket—but what a mess to clean.

The good news is, I’ll never cook fish on the grill again.

Since last fall I have been cooking dinner much more than ever—even during the week. This is because of the Sharp Superheated Steam Countertop Oven. I’ve been cooking salmon in this oven two or three times a week because I can toss the fish and vegetables on one sheet and in 23 minutes dinner is on the table and my family, and I are eating.

Recently, I cooked fresh halibut, and it was outstanding. I have no idea why, but my kitchen doesn’t have that lingering fish smell after cooking with the Superheated Steam Countertop Oven, which is so lovely. 

This recipe for fish tacos with Roasted Corn and Cherry Tomatoes with Spanish Rice and Mango Salsa is AMAZING, one of my favorites for sure.  I have added some extra tips at the end of this recipe for cooking with this fantastic countertop oven.

Ingredients for the Tacos

  • 1 pound fresh halibut filet
  • 1 package of 6-inch soft corn tortillas (usually 10 per package)
  • 2 limes (slice one, use other for squeezing over tacos)
  • 1 bunch cilantro
  • 1 package fresh shredded coleslaw mix (green and red cabbage, and carrots)
  • Guacamole (8-ounce container of good quality store-bought or make your own)
  • ½ teaspoon ground red chipotle
  • Salt to taste

Ingredients for the Sides

  • 1.5 cups frozen corn (more or less as you like, preferably organic)
  • 1 package of grape tomatoes cut in halves (use as many as you like, preferably organic)
  • 1 box of Spanish rice (choose your favorite — cook as instructed)
  • Coleslaw (good quality store-bought or make your own)
  • Mango salsa (good quality store-bought or create your own)


To Start, using either tin foil or baking parchment paper, line the bottom of the 12.5-inch square broiling pan and turn up the sides of the foil or paper (this is to keep the pan clean). You don’t need to have the baking parchment paper extend above the edge of the pan.

Please note that Sharp does not recommend using baking parchment paper because of a potential fire. If you are going to line the grill pan, Sharp recommends using tin foil. The surface of the pans provided with the Sharp Superheated Steam Countertop Oven is already easy to clean. Lining the pan will make your cleanup super easy.   If you’re using tinfoil or no liner on the pan, spray the pan (or foil) with cooking spray or rub with vegetable oil.

Once the tray is covered, place the fish in the middle of the pan, skin-side down, then add slices of lime to the top of fish. Then sprinkle corn and halves of grape tomatoes around the fish with a few sprigs of washed cilantro. For seasoning, I recommend sprinkling fish and vegetables with ground red chipotle and salt. That’s all the preparation required. Simple right?

Now that your sheet pan is prepared to place the broiling pan on the top position of the Sharp Superheated Steam Countertop Oven and turn the knob to Broil/Grill, which automatically sets the temperature to 485° and cook for 23 minutes or until your desired doneness. Depending on the thickness of the fish and the number of vegetables you have in the oven,  cooking times will vary.

When the timer goes off at 23 minutes, remove the pan from the oven and see if the fish is done to your liking. If you’re unsure of how long to keep the fish in the oven, check the doneness using two forks and separate the middle of the fish. It should be flaky and juicy. If you need to cook it more, place the whole pan back into the oven and reset it to Broil/Grill/485° for another five minutes. One of the beauties of the Sharp Superheated Steam Countertop Oven is that it doesn’t need to be preheated and quickly comes up to temperature.

When fish is cooked to your desired doneness, divide the filet into four or six equal sizes, depending on how many tacos to serve.

To assemble your fish tacos, start by placing a small handful of coleslaw mix on the bottom of the tortilla, add a teaspoon of chopped cilantro and a couple of tablespoons of guacamole. Then place a serving of fish on top and squeeze fresh lime juice on top of fish. For an extra zest of flavor, feel free to sprinkle with a bit more ground red chipotle and salt.  Finally, place tacos on a plate and serve with roasted corn and tomatoes from the pan and your favorite salsa, coleslaw, and rice. You could also add Mexican cheese (Cotija, queso fresco, añejo, or shredded blends), sour cream, beans, and shredded lettuce.

Recipe Details

Serves: 2 – 3

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cooking Time: 23 Minutes*

Sharp’s Superheated Steam Countertop Oven Setting: Broil/Grill 485°

Pan(s) Used: Broiling Pan

Rack Position in Oven: Top 

Make Your Sides

During the week, I’m all about speed from prep to table, and I search for high-quality store-bought sides. If I have time, I prefer to make everything from scratch. 

A note about Coleslaws: You can save a lot of time by purchasing a package of pre-shredded coleslaw mix, which will have red and green cabbage and carrots. Where you’ll shine is by making your dressing. 

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