Pizza In A Cup?

By now we’ve all heard of making personal mug versions of cakes, cookies and brownies in a microwave when we’re in need of an easy, sweet treat. But making a pizza in the microwave? And we’re not talking about freezer bites. Turns out a homemade delicious pizza is just as simple (and possibly even more delicious) in a microwave mug.

For all those times delivery is taking way too long or if you’re looking to involve the kids in an easy and safe dinner prep, we’ve pulled together a few delicious ideas.Pizza Mug

Simply combine flour, baking powder and baking soda with milk and olive oil in a large mug. Stir to combine, then add a few spoonfuls of marinara sauce and top with whatever you choose. Microwave on medium for about one minute or until the cheese is fully melted and the crust is cooked through.

Pizza is one of our favorite microwave meals because it’s so easy to customize! Living in a house with one meat lover and one vegetarian? Simply add shredded cheese, mini pepperoni, ham and sausage to one mug, while you top another with olives, broccoli, peppers or any veggies you love!

These mini pizzas also make a great option for entertaining! Not only are they quick and easy but they can be adjusted depending on dietary restrictions. If hosting a guest that is dairy free or vegan, you can skip the cheese altogether and top with a yummy pesto or swap out conventional cheese with a dairy free cheese alternative. Entertaining guests with gluten allergies? Have no fear! These can be easily adjusted to be made with gluten free flour for the crust base.

Pizza Mug 2If you are cooking with the kids, it is even more convenient with a microwave drawer (like our spacious Sharp SMD3070ASY 30″ microwave drawer model) to ensure the appliance is at their level. We love this option over having them stand on a wobbly footstool or chair!

Whether your entertaining kids, having guests over, or just plain craving some pizza this easy microwaveable mug recipe is sure to be one of your favorites next time you’re craving pizza!

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