Hot Matcha Tea

Fill the Water Reservoir with fresh cold water. Water level 1 (about 150ml) for 1 cup of tea. For Authentic Matcha, maximum water level is 1. For Lighter Matcha, maximum water level is 4. Open the lid of the Tea Container, put in Matcha powder tea and close the lid. Select “HOT” and press the start button.

Unlock and press the Tea pouring lever down to pour the tea. To enjoy the beautiful foam of Matcha, remove the tea container, open the lid, and pour the tea directly into the cup. (The lid can be HOT, so please use a cloth to avoid being burned). When making Matcha, Tencha leaves need to be ground with quantity of “MAX” beforehand. 0.21oz/6.0g of Matcha powder can be made selecting “MAX”. If you do not immediately use the Powdered tea, store in a sealed container and refrigerate. Using the powdered teaspoon after grinding is recommended.

Makes 2 cups

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